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This means that companies will have to tap into the psyche of the Gene Y in order to better understand their purchasing decisions and hence better gear their promotional activities in order to attract this cohort. The Gene Y adults sub group contraindicates loyalty characteristics as high in a developing market context against the established wisdom of low loyalty found in developed countries. The results of this paper would help marketers to rethink their strategies in this service industry.

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Finally, this research reconciles the gap between loyalty, stated preference and distinctiveness of brand personalities. Keywords : Generation Y, Customer loyalty, Influence, Marketing, Consumer behavior INTRODUCTION This is a phenomenological study of the Purchasing decisions of Generation Y (Gene Y) when deciding on which mobile service provider to subscribe to. The study is a qualitative one which was conducted with a convenience sample of students as well as graduates from two different private Universities.

At this stage in the research, the attributes of mobile service providers sought by Generation Y will be generally fined as buying decisions made by Generation Y. There has been considerable Generation Y and their shopping behavior but there are still few studies of Generation Y and purchasing decisions in Malaysia. AIMS OF THE STUDY The aim of this study is to seek out the purchase decision made by Gene Y when it comes to making a decision on which mobile service provider to choose from.

As such, the expectations (mobile service providers attributes expected) as well as personal values of the interviewees will be looked into. Also, it is interesting to note where they get these expectations from I. E. From their peers, media or family. The main purpose of this study is to further clarify 1083 if there is a existence of a gap between the purchasing decision made by the Gene Y cohort and the what attributes attract them into making that decision to choose a particular mobile service provider.

REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE Brands and branding It is felt that the topic of brands and branding is very much the thing that influences the Gene Y today. As stated by La Ferule and Chant (2008), the decision to get branded products is the need to ‘belong’ to the group / peers. This is because the peers have become the primary socializing agents for consumption values. La Ferule and Chant (2008) also add that amongst the determinants of materialism among adolescents in Singapore are from marketing communications and social influence factors.

These are the main requirements in which a brand can survive in the Asian market. According to Temporal (2001), branding is a sophisticated process that puts together and sustains a complex mixture of attributes and values, many of which are intangible. The objective of branding is to produce a unique and attractive offering that satisfies both the rational and emotional needs of customers in a better way than the competition.


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