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August 27, 2013 Psychological Perspectives Patrick Star can be described as one of the dumbest starfish in the sea. He wears green shorts with purple flowers on them. He has a best friend named Sponge Squarest who is always an air head. Patriot’s ancestors all had a brain development problem. They forgot things easily but they can be very smart at times. They are good at doing nothing and making things worse. They started to wear cloths so they can be accepted in the Bikini Bottom community.

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Patriot’s dad was a professional stunt devil and would risk his life to do the stupidest stunts. His mother went to collage for a while but then had Patrick and had to stop going to take care of him. The combination resulted for Patrick to be to be smart at times but do risk and dumb things. The brain requires food to develop. Patrick only eats sand, crabby patties and ice cream which aren’t really food for his brain to develop. He only eats crabby patties and ice cream when he is with Sponge because since Patrick doesn’t have a Job

Sponge pays for this food. When Patrick was a baby his father took him on a dangerous motorcycle drive making Patrick fall. He was rushed to the hospital with a broken spine. Since he couldn’t do much he learned how to blow bubbles and it became a hobby. When Patrick was child he would always have a bad eating habit. As a punishment his parents limited him on food. So he was only able to eat one meal per day. As Patrick grew older he started to live by himself and developed bad eating habits whenever he would be would Sponge.

Patrick loves his rock shaped house. He feels that if he lived under a rock with furniture mad out of sand he will have no need to clean his house. So he has more time to sleep. I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to sleep all day? The society of Bikini Bottom welcomes those who can be themselves and wear cloths. Therefore Patrick does his crazy thing and wears his shorts. You can tell Patrick love to be himself around his best friend Sponge. He is always supporting Sponge and can be himself without being Judged. Patrick star By Sleepover


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