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This system can provide the information about the patient based on the ward number whether the patient is either in the general ward or the ‘CUE. By using this system we can prepare all bills pending to be paid by a patient before the patient’s discharge. We can keep a track of all beds occupied / free in both the ward and the ICC by using this We can keep track of all transfers of patients from the general ward to the ICC and vice versa. This system is providing the facility of viewing all information about patients details, their admit time and the amount to be paid based on the retirement given and the ward selected.

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We can register all the patient details like the amount to be paid any balance remaining, the ward number, the bed number, the registration number, case number etc. As soon as a new patient is Joined in the hospital. 1. 3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations: HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language): It is used to create static web pages. ISP Cave Server Pages): It is used to create dynamic web content. JOKE Cave 2 Enterprise Edition): It is a programming platform, belonging to the Java platform, which is used for developing and running distributed Java applications.

WASTE (Webster Application Server Community Edition): It is an application server that runs and supports the JOKE and the web service applications. WASH (Webster Studio Application Developer ): It is a designer toolkit which is designed to develop more complex projects by providing a complete dynamic web service. DB (IBM Database 2): It is a database management system that provides a flexible and efficient database platform to raise a strong “on demand” business HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol): It is a transaction oriented client/ server protocol between a web browser and a web server.

XML (Extensible Markup Language): It is a markup language that was designed to transport and store data. Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML): It is a technique used in Java script to create dynamic web pages. Web 2. 0: It is commonly associated with web sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. 1. 4 References: IEEE SIRS format Project specification requirement (provided by IBM 1. 5 Technologies to be used: HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Servest,AJax HTML: Hypertext Markup Language PEE: (Servile, JSP, JAPE, Java Beans) Application architecture. JAVA: Application architecture.

Ajax: Asynchronous Java Script and XML. XML: Extension Markup Language. Web 2. 0: IRS Feed 2. 0. 1. 6 TOOLS USED: RASA – Rational Software Architect 7. 0 DB 9 – Database WAS CE – Webster Application Server 6. 0 RADAR 7. 0-Development Tool 1. 7 Overview: Project is related to Patient Billing Software. Maintaining records of indoor/outdoor patients. Maintaining patient’s prescription details. Providing billing details for indoor/outdoor patients. If user forgets his/her password then it can be retrieved by hint question. Related test reports, patient details report, prescription ND billing reports cane generated as per user requirements.

User or Administrator can search a patient’s record by his/her name or their registration date. 2. 0 Overall Description: 2. 1 Product Perspective: HTTP/HTTPS HTML Client (Web Browser) SOFTWARE WAS TCP/IP (System User) Client Side Application Server Database The web pages (XHTML/JSP) are present to provide the user interface on customer client side. Communication between customer and server is provided through HTTP/HTTPS protocols. The Client Software is to provide the user interface on system user client side and for this TCP/IP retools are used.

On the server side web server is for EJB and database server is for storing the information. DB 2. 2 Software Interface: -l- Front End Client: Web browser -l- web server: WAS -l- Data Base server:DB -l- sack End:DB 2. 3 Hardware Interface: Client side Processor Internet Explorer 7. 0 RAM Disk space Pentium IV KGB BIB Server Side Web sphere Application 2. 4 User Characteristics: Every user should be: Comfortable of working with computer. He must have knowledge in medical field. He must also have basic knowledge of English too. 2. 5 Constraints: GUI is only in English.

Login and password is used for identification of user and there is no facility for guest. 2. 6 Use Case Diagram : CAUSES DESCRIPTION Caucuses: 1 . Admissions 2. Doctor Appointments 3. Tests Appointments 4. Bed Allotment 5. Undergo Operation 6. Login 7. Prescribe Tests 8. Ward Wise Bed Status 9. Admission/Discharge Reports 10. Patient Information 1. Receptionist 2. Doctors 3. Staff/Nurses 4. Income 5. Information System ADMISSIONS: This Module helps in registering information about patients and handles patient’s query. A unique ID is generated for each patient after registration.

This helps in implementing customer relationship management and also maintains medical history of the patient. DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS: This Module Deals with, when the ID is generated the patient receives the Appointment time & number from the Receptionist and accordingly visit the doctor. TESTS APPOINTMENTS: Appointment time & number from the Receptionist and accordingly undergoes the tests. BED ALLOTMENT: This Module handles with allotting the Bed to various patients by checking their ID. UNDERGO OPERATION: This Module handling with undergoes the various operations by diagnosing the patients.

LOGIN: This Module checks whether the person is a Doctor/Staff and handles various activities such as draw Salary and give Salary. PRESCRIBE TESTS: This Module handles various activities such as Doctor Diagnoses the patient, gives treatment & gives suggestions to the patients, & prescribes laboratory tests & medicines. This Module takes care of medical equipment, doctor visit, vitals recording, patient case sheet, diet ordering, blood requisition, transfer intimation and discharge intimation etc. It also deals with the maintenance of the wards, inter- and intra-ward transfers.

This Module helps in generating patient’s discharge summary,which includes patient’s health at the time of discharge, medical history, various diagnosis and drug prescriptions, history of present illness and course in PATIENT INFORMATION: This Module helps in generating the patient information which is provided by doctor. USE CASE DIAGRAM: bed allotment admissions (from PBS) undergo operation receptionist doctor appointment income tests appointment staff/nurses admission/discharge reports information system patient information doctors prescribe test hardwire bed status 2.

Class Diagram: Test_operations Doctor staff private into patient private into id private into tag Patient private parch name private into age private parch address private char sex private date update public into create() public into sentiment() public into sapient() public void opt() public void testate() 1 public void dogcart() public into suggests() public into getter() private float salary Ta ekes appointment Patient register Appointment date EDT time tm Issue bill Registration displays patient information public into register() public void allotted() float mat into billion public allocates bed


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