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Parking problems on campus

COMIC is well-known for its loop structured campus, which meaner that the campus is surrounded by a street in a shape of a circle. Aside more and more departments open at NUMB, the number of students attending school at COMIC grows more and more. Considering over half of the undergraduate student population at COMIC is comprised of commuter students, the parking spaces to students’ ratio at COMIC is extremely disproportionate. The shortage of parking lots and spaces is getting worse every semester. To correct this problem, the findings of this report best recommend a series of modifications to the parking system around campus to include an ease way for the students to find the parking spots around campus.

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This new parking way includes more signs for the new parking spots each student with a car would come to the campus and start looking for the signs that tells o how many parking spots are free and can be used. The new parking signs would be modified electronically to tell students if the parking lot is packed or not. Overview of the Project The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (NUMB), is growing and dynamically adding more and more students every year. Student demographics for the campus this year approximately describes 9,000 undergraduate students and 3,000 graduate students (approximately 12,000 students total) of which 64% are commuter students and 36% are resident students.

Currently, there are more than 60% of the students tending NUMB have cars that they use as their transportation method. NUMB offers more than 40 academic programs for undergraduates in addition to over 180 other programs including social, academic and athletic clubs, which always interests students and athletes to come to NUMB. Problem statement As COMIC is getting bigger, and more students are attending school at NUMB, the ratio of the parking spots to the students is getting lower. The amount of time it takes for commuters to get to class and find a parking spot is approximately 20 minutes a day, which might be more if the student parked far from his/her class. Problem Description

The NUMB campus has experienced a surge in number of commuters attending the school over the past few years to coincide with an increase in number of cars parking around the campus. As NUMB getting bigger and as more students attending the commuter students using a car to park on campus. With such a campus that caters to a student population with a majority of commuter students, COMIC struggles to provide adequate parking spots to all the commuters. Currently, students who have cars drive approximately 20 minutes a day to find a parking spot. The amount of time consumed trying to find a parking spot is overwhelming. Some students prefer to receive a ticket for parking in the prohibited parking spaces than struggle driving around campus trying to find a parking spot.

Since most students have a very busy schedule and a full plate of academic responsibilities in attending class, many simply do not have enough time daily to spend 20 to 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot. Considering over half of the student population at COMIC is comprised of commuter students, finding parking spaces may seem difficult or even impossible to be found. COMIC can’t keep up with the flow of cars and it can become very rusticating as commuters who have to fight for parking spots. The lack of parking spaces may affect commuters in many ways and it makes coming to campus and attending class a daunting and frustrating task. The rationale for the investigation and research documented in this report is to evaluate the current state of parking services around COMIC campus.

After assessing the needs, alternatives explored to improve the campus parking services through getting benefits from the unused areas around campus. Each solution is compared to others so that the best alternative can be determined according to the criteria and he capabilities of NUMB. The scope of this project is limited to the campus-wide parking services. Despite the fact that this problem occurs in a lot of other colleges in the area, only Umbel’s student population is candidate for this study. Students, staff and faculty needs are evaluated. When mentioning the current parking services at NUMB, only current parking services is considered.

No future projects or projects under construction are considered as part of the current parking services on campus. Limitations Some factors limit the results of this analysis and must be taken into consideration. The time consumed for research and analysis was short. The population of the people who took the survey was quite small compared to the all the people attending COMIC. Also the knowledge of the future financial plan and any cost concerns are not known. Any information not included as delineated in the scope of this project is excluded. In order to get a reliable and unbiased research results, both primary and secondary research methods were embraced in this analysis.

The combination of both the primary and secondary research would provide better evidence for how bad the parking problems are affecting students. Primary research Student Surveys The student survey contains 9 questions. All questions are structured to start with asking more general information, such as do you live on/off campus, and become more specific to the parking problem, such as how long it takes to find a parking spot. Questions and answers are well explained and well organized to be easy to answer. Athlete students from the COMIC swimming and diving team in addition to students in Professor Jane Porter’s ENGLE 393 technical writing completed the survey.

Some athletic department staff including the coaches also participated in the survey. A total of 90 people completed the survey. All surveys were conducted through the survey website. A copy of the student survey is available for reference in Appendix A. Secondary Data Gathering Methods Alternative System Research Research for alternatives to solve the limitation of the current parking services was performed. Several data were being used to search for articles documenting campus parking problems and solutions to the problem at other colleges. The Google. Com internet search engine has been used to find some solution to the problem and how this problem is affecting other colleges.

Regrettably, a lot of colleges in the United States suffer from the same problem. However, the search was helpful in identifying some possible resolutions to the problem. Student survey results Survey Questions 1 Analysis Question: Are you a student, staff, or faculty? Figure 1: NUMB student/staff/Faculty Population Bar Chart The data collected from this question was used for distinguishing purposes only. A vast majority of people took the survey were students attending NUMB. A large amount of students are suffering from the parking problems on campus because parking options for the faculty and staff is different and easier than parking for dents.

Survey Question 2 Analysis Question: If student, do you live on or off campus? Almost 52% of students have been surveyed and attending NUMB said they live off campus, which meaner a large scale of transportation is used around campus. This amount of students who live off-campus does make a conflict with the parking spots around campus. Question: Do you have a vehicle? Figure 3: People Have Car As Their Transportation Method Pie Chart A majority amount of students have a vehicle as their main transportation method. For students who took the survey around 68 percent of students said they have cars, which meaner there are about more than half of students attending COMIC use their cars to transport around, to or from campus.

This amount of cars being used is expected to be more than 6000 car. Survey Question 4 Analysis Question: how many days a week do you park on campus? Figure 4: Daily Parking Schedule Bar Chart A vast majority of people park their car on campus almost every day or at least a few 6 days a week more than anyone else. They get to search for a parking spot daily and they get to consume a lot of time trying to find a parking space on campus. Survey Question 5 Analysis Question: How easy is it to find a spot around campus to park? Figure 5: Finding A Parking Space On Campus Bar Chart Student respondents indicated a strong agreement that the current parking service on campus is not as good as it should be.

A majority surveyed students responded that finding a spot around campus is either hard or very hard. Several students, however, responded that finding a parking spot is neutral or easy. Survey Question 6 Analysis Question: Have you ever been late to class because you can’t find a spot? A major amount of students been surveyed responded that they have been late to lass because of how hard it is to find a parking spot. If the parking on campus takes too long, students may not take the time to search for parking spots anymore and instead park in the wrong zones. Survey Question 7 Analysis Question: How often do you get a ticket for parking in the wrong spots?

Figure 7: People Received Tickets Bar Chart A large amount of students do not receive tickets when they park in the wrong spots. However, not as much amount of students receive a ticket at least once a month. Parking in the wrong spots is not only the student fault but it is also due to poor irking services that only provides limited amount of parking spaces on campus. Question: Did you know the school added approximately 50 new spots on campus? Figure 8: People Knowledge Of New Parking Spots Available Pie Chart A majority of students do not know that COMIC added more parking spots recently. Only 7. 4% of people been surveyed responded that they know about new parking spaces been added recently by the school.

The ratio of people who know about the new parking spots to the people who do not know the recent added spots is huge. Survey Question 9 Analysis Question: How long it takes you to find a parking spot? Figure 9: Time Consumed To Find A Parking Spot Bar Chart The time consumed by students to find a parking spot is too long. However, more than 30% of students that have been surveyed responded that it only takes them 5 minutes to find a parking spot. On the other hand, some people responded that it takes them longer than 20 minutes of driving around campus to find a parking spot. Also, few said that it would take them an hour to find a spot in the middle of the week. A copy of the student survey is available for reference in Appendix A.


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