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Panhandling Good or Evil?

Panhandlers Good or Evil Should we give money to panhandlers? Well some people think so because they feel it is the right thing to do but on the opposite side of that coin some people feel that it is counterproductive to do that. Some businesses feel that panhandlers hurt their business by standing out front asking for money because they ask potential customers before they get to the door and if there offended by this they will not even bother going in to the business they were thinking about going in to before but on the opposing end depending on the business it could actually help them in the long run.

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Most people who give panhandlers money feel that they need that money because they feel the panhandlers are mentally, physically, or emotionally unable to work which some of them are, but if you look at the statistics most of them are people who just don’t want to work and this is easier or they use the money to get drugs. Should we give money to panhandlers well I for one think not and I will tell you why it is completely counterproductive to the original goal of giving them money. Everyone thinks that by giving them money they are helping that individual person.

They drive away feeling real good with themselves, but if they were to take a second look they would realize that all they are doing is enabling that person to continue this pathetic existence. I will tell you about a situation that happened to me and why I no longer give money to panhandlers. I was twenty-two I was going to work and I was stopped at the light at McNeil and 183 heading to fm2222. There was a guy standing on the corner he had a sign asking for money I had some extra money so I gave him five dollars.

After that I was feeling really good about myself till I saw him walk to the Walgreens parking lot and get into a Jaguar. It was at that moment I decided to never give money again. My sister will also never give money to panhandlers because she used to work at the Walgreens. She would come home and tell us stories about the people standing at the intersection coming in to use the phone to call their friends and say “its your turn now”. Now we get to the business aspect of it all some business owners feel that it hurts there business for the panhandlers to stand outside and ask people for money.

I mean think about it say you are about to walk into a restaurant and some dirty guy comes up to you asking for money. Are you really going to want to go into that same restaurant or are you more likely to go somewhere else to eat. Now on the opposite side if you are a business which caters to the homeless population like The Salvation Army it might be a good idea to have a lot of panhandlers outside your business just for the sympathy factor alone. Now for a thought that is always on everyone’s mind every time they see a panhandler and think about giving them money will they use it just to buy drugs?

My friend works at a gas station and there is this one panhandler his name is Grady he is perfectly able to work but chooses to be a panhandler because he makes more money dong that then if he were to be working. The average panhandler makes about two hundred dollars a day. So Grady all he does all day is just stand there on the median and holds up a sign and asks people for money and when it gets to hot he will go and sit under a tree in the shade to cool off. When he needs a fix he will go into the bathroom of my friend’s gas station to do his drugs.

So yes most panhandlers are drug users and don’t actually use the money people give them for anything necessary such as food and shelter. So in conclusion giving panhandlers money is not only a bad idea for you fanatically, but it also affects you morally even thou you think you’re doing the right thing, but in actuality you are doing more harm than good. Enabling them to continue the cycle of money for drugs. Preying on innocent hardworking people who are just trying to help someone they think is in need, but in actuality they don’t need help they need to be told no.


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