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Likewise, we need to submit ourselves to immersion in order to understand the flow of the system in the organization or company involved in IT. There and then, we are required to propose a system that will help the company resolve the problem seen and suggest a solution. In this connection, we are requesting your good office to allow us to conduct study in your company. We would also like to ask for information such as company profile, IT structure, etc. That will be needed for our documentation and suggest other details and comments to it.

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To this end, you may ask to verify the proposed system if it has relevant contribution to your organization and affix your signature as a proof that you accepted the recommended solution for your company. We will provide you all the details of the documentation of this project upon its completion. Please advise should there be procedures we should comply. We would like to extend our gratitude for considering this request. Respectfully yours, Nelson R. Britons Jar. Loll D. Doom Mark Allies C. Mores Noted by: Mr.. Jolliet V.

San Juan Instructor Date: To whom this may concern, Approved by: Czarina Grace Deal Cruz Manager We, the 3rd year IBIS students of Access Computer College, are required to present a System Proposal as partial requirement to pass the System Analysis and Design subject. The system proposal entitled VILLA ENGRAIL GARDEN & FARM RESORT ONLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM” and for the completion of our study we need to gather data that will supplement our research. In this connection, we would like to sky your permission if we can conduct a survey in your company to complete our for the purposed of educational study.

We are praying and hoping for your favorable response. Thank you for considering this request. Nelson Britons Mark Legislatures Glommed ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, we would like to thank our Professor Jolliet V. San Juan for giving us a knowledge and opportunity to build up our academic study in field of I. T. To our beloved parents for their understanding, consideration; expenses that they give and the place that we temporarily used while finishing this research. Or VILLA ENGRAIL GARDEN & FARM RESORT for letting us to conduct study to ether company and for trusting, helping, and giving some idea for this research.

Lastly, to almighty GOD for giving us strength and wisdom and for not leaving us in this struggles. Introduction We know that the modern technology is now upgraded than before. It is the primary needs of the company or the business for more improvement and to make easier to their works. Many of businessman/businesswoman is have own computers in the office and if we enter inside to an office we see a desktop or laptop for the assessing/businesswoman. The computer is the main uses for any kind of transactions of the business or the company.

The computer helps the person or the companies in many ways such as storing, communicating, organizing, manipulating data and so many other uses of the computer. Having computer programs may help a company to grow bigger and be competitive in the flow of the business world. In our industry, the computer is the most important thing in any kind of business because without computer our work cannot make easily. Most of the company used it for making their website and advertisements. By using programs or systems, it saves a lot of data or records of transactions of the clients.

Aside from that, many of the resorts have their online reservation. It is made up easily to promote the resort and to have a many customers to come in their resorts. Almost of them, have the same system in making an Online Reservation. Background of the Study The Villa Engrail Garden & Farm Resort was established in 2006. The owner of this resort is Ms. Czarina Grace Deal Cruz and they gather the name of the company to her grandmother. This resort is located at 6416 Talon SST. Gong, Valuable City. The resort is only 20 minutes away from SMS NORTH Deeds and Trainman.

Villa Engrail Garden & Farm Resort is a perfect place to celebrate any event or occasions like birthday, wedding and other events. The customer will enjoy the resort because of the perfect ambiance and also the different activities like singing, dancing and swim, they have a different place in this resort, a public pool has a waves and it was open in public last December 2012. The private pool is for anyone who wants to reserve for it. And once you enter the resorts premises, you will The Villa Engrail Garden and Farm Resort wants a system for their company to be a more convenient service business to its customer schedule.

The proponents have conducted interviews to their company they had experienced concerns about their reservations which affect and causes delay growth profitability of their company. For this reasons the proponents proposed to develop an Online Reservation System that will monitor the time and date of the customers schedule and the company activities. The proponents made used of questionnaires, interviews and survey forms in gathering the data that they will need in conducting their study that ill help them identify the advantages, applications and opportunities that the Online Reservation System can offer to their company.

As the company committed to this change and the whole process of implementing the new system they are positive that it would give them benefits. The benefits of the Online Reservation System can give them as it is much more convenient for service business because of its technological advancement. Also it is a completely automated booking and reservation processes that will help them monitor their business activities, also saves time, human resource and focus on other aspect of business development. Online Reservation System is a mechanism which has helped reach completely new heights.

Online Reservation System is accessible to consumers through Internet Gateways and it allows the users to book hotel rooms, rent cars as well as book online airline tickets, which is definitely a more convenient way of making your travel plans. Statement of the Problem 1. Will the system help the company? 2. What is the advantage of Online Reservation System than manual reservation? 3. What are the benefits of the customers and company by using Online Reservation System? General Objective: The general objective of the study is to develop an Online Reservation System for the VILLA ENGRAIL GARDEN & FARM RESORT.

Specific Objectives: To help the company by automated booking and reservation processed that helped business managers saved time, human resource and focus on other aspect of business development. In Online Reservation, the customer can book themselves through computers 2. By the use of internet. And it is also makes the operation easier especially in it will take time to book their selves by going to the company and get the information for the scheduled day. And every day they having spreadsheets in floor and sometimes they can cause have lost of their files. 3. To improve the productivity and increase in sales of the company.

Create a back up of files in every successful transaction. Make an online advertisement for Villa Engrail Garden & Farm Resort. Wide range of their business. And to help the future clients to choose a place for event by Just looking at the internet. Scope Online Self-scheduling, this enable customers to book their reservations at their own personal comfort and convenience whenever they want during the day or even during non-working hours. Email Notification is a confirmation email or reminder will be sent to the customers once they book themselves on the Resort same also for cancellation of reservation an email will be sent to customers.

Record-keeping is tracking down and collecting information on customers and their reservations is really a lot less complicated than searching through paper appointment books and excels spreadsheets. Capita Code Verification, to prevent fake comment, spam’s and prevents faked orders that can be placed by automated software’s. Online payment is a down payment of 50% for booking of services is available through Papal. Terms and Conditions 1 . A 50% charge will apply to all credit card and debit card transactions upon booking. 2. There is a non-refundable deposit of the charge payment per booking. 3.

Final payment for the booking must be paid a week or 3 days before the start of service in the Villa Engrail Garden and Farm Resort. 4. If final payment is not received by the due date Villa Engrail Garden and Farm Resort reserves the right to cancel the booking. 5. Cancelled reservations will not receive any refund. 6. An Email will be sent to the customers upon their bookings. Limitations No refund of payments for customers that are paid but didn’t show before the day of their reservations will get non refund for what they have paid. Also no refund of payments for cancelled customers before their reservations.

Significance of Study 1. Company service. The system will provide a faster way of transaction that will result of efficiency and productivity. Security and safety of Data information can now save to the database. 2. Proponents To have an experience and better understanding in the field of making systems; to gain knowledge to continue us to inspire ourselves on today’s technology. Chapter II CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE and STUDIES Foreign Literature Online Reservation System Hotel & Resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations.

Resorts are places, towns or sometimes commercial establishment operated by a single company. An establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. The provision of basic accommodation, in times past, consisting only of cottages, a room with a bed has largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities, including en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning or climate intro, function hall for events, spa and an in-house restaurant. The cost and quality of hotel & resorts are usually indicative of the range and type of services available.

Due to the enormous increase in tourism worldwide during the last decades of the 20th century, standards especially those of smaller establishments have improve considerably. Many systems have used an automation process like using online computer system, due to the efficiency and accuracy. “Online Hotel & Resort Reservation System” is a transaction processing system that has more advantages rather than a manual Hotel & Resort Reservation. Prior to the Internet, travelers could write, telephone the hotel directly, or use a travel agent to make a reservation.

Nowadays, hotel & resorts have their own website provide goods and services using online computer system. It helps to perform task in an easy way with less time consumed and enhance the operating efficiency, improve the service experience as well as provide a means to access markets on a global basis. I Pro Software: Studded Online Reservation System Article Source: http://www. Studded. Com/essays/Online-Hotel-Resort-Reservation- System-1026412. HTML Hotel Online Reservation System

Hotel reservation software helps anyone reserve rooms at a hotel for an extended stay vacation, weekend getaway, or even on a one night trip. Instead of calling in ahead of time and reciting your credit card number over the phone, you are able to enter the required information on a secure website to ensure that your reservation is complete. Not only is it convenient to you, it is also convenient for the hotel staff because they do not have to worry about not receiving your monetary information or making a mistake in booking a room.

All of the information is right in front of them from now on. The Online reservation system as mentioned previously is a secure way to book all of your reservation needs. Coupled with online reservation software and free booking system software. Your dreams of owning your very own bed and breakfast can finally come true. If that isn’t in the cards for you, perhaps a timeshare option will work out better for your customers. Authored by George published on May 12, 2010 I Pro Software: Studded Online Reservation System Article Source : http://www. Demoded. Com/essay/online -Reservation-1 519959. HTML Local Literature 658 Parallel Online Reservation System Short term base lodging is the main reason that a hotel has been established. In the Philippines, wherein many foreign people go and have a vacation, hotel is always their first destination to have relaxation after long hours of travel in an airplane. Because of the rapid increase of foreigners visiting the Philippines for a vacation, advantage.

As the result of the competition between different hotels, various business strategies had been made to attract customers, such as putting discounts, having beautiful and relaxing environment and above all having a state of the art computer system and facilities. The current problem observed is the manual guest list records, the manual reservation of guests, the manual booking of rooms for the guests which takes a long time to accomplish. According to the manager in the establishment, because they keep on doing their job manually, it resulted to a very messy office, lots of papers around the desks and sometimes important documents disappear.

From the information gathered, the proponents came up with an idea of proposing a system that is relevant to the needs of the establishment, highly efficient to meet their needs and most of all simple, easy to use system. The 658 Parallel Online Reservation Management System is not only a database for guest list but also an online reservation system, where potential guest can have online reservation which will automatically be sent to the database of the 658 Parallel.

Based on the proponent’s observation and interview, they have found many problems such as time consuming logging of the guest list names to the log book, difficulties in making reservations and difficulties in retrieving information on their previous guests because of the papers that are scattered everywhere and misplacing of the gutless records. I Pro Software: Studded Online Reservation System Article Source: http://www. Studded. Com/essays/658-Parallel-Online-Reservation- system-375787. HTML Catering Reservation System Nana Amelia’s Catering Services is a small business of Nellie Dalmatian.

She started with a carrier in front of her house, since she likes cooking for her family. From the small business grew the idea of starting up a catering service, now Nana Amelia’s had already work for many clients for almost a decade (since March 2001). The catering business serves food in events, such as, birthday parties, wedding, and other event unction’s such as, baptismal and seminars. As their business grows they add extra services, like flower arrangements, table settings and free venues.

The business is still needs improvement, enough to compete with other bigger catering services that are already gaining popularity in the business world. Nana Amelia’s accommodates customers for reservations and other inquiries and about catering services. The business is located at 320 De Camps Street, Puling Banning, Sat. Maria, Vulcan. For reservation of an event, a customer will choose their desired date of the celebration and the owner will check if still available; if yes, hey will be given a brochure where the packages and other amenities are listed.

The customer needs to pay 40% of the package price for reservation fee which is deductible to the total payment. The reservation is valid for 3 days and shall be condition of the catering service that will be sign by agreement of the customer and the owner. If the customer wishes to cancel the event the payment is not refundable, non consumable and no transferable. As part of the promotion, Nana Amelia’s also offers free venue of the event such as in a small pavilion owned by the catering arrive.


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