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Online MBA Removes Obstacles, Part II

In the last post I talked about my best laid plans to leave college with my undergraduate degree and immediately enter a graduate program to earn my MBA. I had just gotten married in June following graduation and my new husband would be entering the same graduate program with me. We both had part time jobs and lived in student housing. It was going to be busy but it would also be fun. Our plans, however, did not all come together the way we thought. We found out I was pregnant just two months after our wedding and following that some complications with the pregnancy required me to be on complete bed rest. I would not have the opportunity to go to class or even continue working. I was completely restricted to my bed and I was enormously anxious about how I would fare in this capacity. I wanted my baby to be healthy but I was worried that I would fall apart in the meantime.

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A suggestion from a professor, however, led me in the right direction. He suggested an online MBA program that would allow me to work completely from home – from my bed – so that I could continue on with my studies and hopefully take my mind off of my situation. I enrolled immediately in an online MBA program and it was perfect for me. I would sleep when I wanted to sleep and when I was awake I could do some of my work right from my bed. It was far from the frenzied program that I would be enrolled in traditionally and it suited my purposes completely.

As it turns out there are many online degree programs available from an online IT degree to a Masters in Education. It’s all about finding what works for you at the time and going for it!


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