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Online MBA – Making School Convenient, Part I

Any working mother will attest to the juggling act that happens on a daily basis. There is the alarm going off seemingly seconds after you close your eyes, the breakfasts to make, the lunches to pack, the homework to check, the papers to sign, the beds to make, the house to clean, the laundry to do, the shopping run to make, the dinner to plan, the appointments to schedule, the after school activities to attend, and – oh yeah – there’s your full time job. As if you didn’t already have one. This is a lot to manage for anyone under any circumstances but when you throw the potential of school into the mix it gets a whole lot more complicated.

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I was one of these working mothers and while I was lucky enough to have the help of a very hands-on husband he works long hours as well and often we are like ships passing in the night. I had the responsibilities of my job during the day and the responsibilities of home and family in my additional waking hours. There seemed to be little if any time for myself but that was exactly what I needed to carve out if I was going to have any hope of getting my degree. Education has always been important to me but now more than ever because of the competitive and dwindling job market. I had an undergraduate business degree and a good job but I had always wanted to pursue my masters. This would have been impossible in years past simply because there was no way I was ever going to find the time in my day to commute to school and sit in class. The logistics just didn’t work. But now, with the potential of working through an online MBA program school could finally be a convenience I could afford. More to come…


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