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The event, organized by Suffolk Sport, the County Sports Partnership for Suffolk, in association with local authorities, sports lbs, schools and other sports partners across Suffolk is the largest multi sport event in the County. With the 2012 Olympic and Paralytic Games in London only a couple of weeks away, the Suffolk Youth Games offered the young people of Suffolk a small taste of what it is like to take part in a large-scale, multi-sport event. The competition in all nine sports was hotly contested, with strong teams from Faberge, Wavelet, SST Dumbfounder and Mid Suffolk in particular ensuring it remained a closely fought title.

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SST. Dumbfounder inspired the arrival of the Rwanda Olympic team came home as clear victors. The titanic contest for the podium places saw winners for the previous seven years Wavelet take the runners up trophy by Just one point from third placed Mid Suffolk. Faberge came in a creditable fourth place. The Fair Play trophy was awarded to Suffolk Coastal this year as all the teams exhibited excellent fair play throughout all the sports. This was certainly a fair reflection of the sporting spirit on display throughout the day. The event, hosted by SST.

Dumbfounder BC and Boycotter Leisure Trust was attended by Councilor Tim Marks, Mayor of SST. Dumbfounder and local PM David Ruffled. The six district teams and a team representing the community of Physics proudly marched around the track during the opening ceremony. Rwanda will be making Bury SST. Edmunds their home prior to the 2012 London Olympic & Paralytic Games as their pre games training camp. This was a great opportunity to see the excellent sporting facilities on offer and to view he development of sport in our County as we build a lasting legacy from the Olympic & Paralytic games.

John Slough, Director of Suffolk Sport said “The Suffolk Youth Games has provided a fantastic opportunity for young people to take part in a large multi sport event and we have been very fortunate that Redrew Homes has supported the event so magnificently over the last nine years. ” He continued that “the ethos of the Suffolk Youth Games will be continued in the new Suffolk School Games, which will build on the legacy created for Suffolk by the Suffolk Youth Games. All the people who contributed to the success of the day must be congratulated.

Sponsors Redrew Homes, Boycotter Leisure and Churchill CafeГ© who all made the day possible. But a special mention must go to the numerous volunteers who provided superb support both in running the sports events and with the general organization. Among these were a number of volunteers from the Sport England Olympic Legacy volunteering programmer – Sport Makers and from the Suffolk County Sports Events Volunteer team. Their commitment and enthusiasm added greatly to the occasion.

Volunteer officials from a range of sports clubs ensured the sports events ran smoothly & once again the organizers are grateful to RAFF Huntington for providing dismantling the event. The Suffolk Youth Games programmer is designed to get more young people taking part regularly in club sport. In the weeks leading up to the Games, recruitment and coaching programmed were run by local clubs and coaches linking to nearby schools. Local management across the range of sports was provided by the respective Local Authority Sports Development Officers, which helped create a read atmosphere amongst all the teams.

Then before a huge crowd the Olympic flame arrived, with the young athletes forming a guard of honor as the flame was held proudly aloft from the winner’s podium in the centre of the athletics track. After a rousing closing speech by the patron of the Suffolk Youth Games David Sheepskins ended a superb day and with the Olympic flame extinguished, the Suffolk Youth Games reached a fitting end to its Journey. But the light in the eyes of the youth of Suffolk promises much for the future.


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