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Forms of communication in the workplace Business Letters; Good for record keeping Private Good for making presentations Memos; (Inter office memo) Emphasizes ideas and good for delivering long documents Great for explaining policies and procedures Email; Can send to many people at once Instant message through testing Private or Semi-private way to carry on a conversation Can be used to contact someone to fix a problem *See unit 3 page 84 Potash; Digital media file Downloaded over the internet on a computer Used to improve customer service, customer relations, training and products Can rate a large buzz online Flogs; Website that you can enter information into at a moments notice Great for marketing and showing a company’s personal side Principles of Grammar, Mechanics and Punctuation What to watch for; Proof Reading Spelling Sentence Structure Proofreading Rules Grammar- Is a common verb after word such as; and, or, but, nor Punctuation – Is there a comma after and, or, but, nor etc. (*lengthened clauses) Names & Numbers – Always compare names and numbers with their sources.

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Be careful with the peeling of a persons name that you are sending a message to Format – Make sure that letters, printed memos and reports are balanced on the page, whether block form or indented form Consistency – Make sure all words are formatted the same way throughout your topic Example; Spelling the word queue the Canadian way three times and then spelling check the American way. Edit business letters, emails and memos Reveal one line at a time for better proofreading for emails Always read from a Allow lots of time to proofread Always be prepared to find errors Always read your material twice Read it out loud Avoid contractions (shouldn’t, couldn’t) use not instead Use I instead of Me Personal contact; People relate to each other eye to eye. Always be courteous to communicate. Develop a network; no one can succeeded alone. Make effort to become friends. Let people know that you care. -meet new people when they come on board. Look for experienced people to help you. Be consistent and clean in your space at work. Compromise. -keep people’s interests at peak. -listen to what others have to say. Business letters; -force you to change an idea. It can adopt new beliefs. It can make a powerful tool to promote services and products. It can boost online and retail traffic. Gives you time to think about what you’re going to say. -organize your thoughts to give you a better argument. Grammar and Mechanics Grammar and mechanics is used to convey a message clearly Grammar; A structure of written language.

It refers to the parts of speech and how they all Join together Mechanics; Refers to the rule of written language, such as capitalization, punctuation ND spelling You must understand bother ways (grammar and mechanics) so your message is clear Use a grammar inventory to become more aware of your skills to convey and better and clear message Keep a list of errors and refer to these errors when proofreading Example; A teacher informs you that you aren’t using comma and have run on sentences. Make a note of your errors Always read your work out loud Get a friend to read it to you out loud Always use spell check Find your weak spots and study more on them Check masculine vs… Feminine (bobby vs… Bobble)


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