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She has a great personality. She’s funny, outgoing, friendly, honest, smart, talented, reliable, understanding, responsible, and many other things. Heck, I could write a paper on her personality alone. J-Lo is Just an all around great person to be around. She is the type of person who will be there whenever you need her with great advice. J-Lo and I have had many great, tearful conversations. She is a wonderful listener. Her and I could be in the most despondent of times, and Just sit and cry together. Not only does she listen, she gives her best advice and opinions.

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Sometimes she tells me hat I do not want to hear but that is what makes her such a great best friend. We have drove down the road many times Just listening to music and talking. Her and I can talk about the most random things and laugh for hours on end. Have you ever heard the quote “Laughter is the best medicine” by Harry Ward Beechen? I believe in these words 100%. J-Lo and I have our own quote as well. After going through many obstacles in life together, we live by the words “No Matter What”. We apply these three simple words to everything. Think about it for a minute with me.

No matter what, always smile. No matter what, it could always be worse. No matter what, it will get better. Those three simple words can be added to anything and make it sound better. Jeeringly is not only my best friend, but she is my little sister. I feel as if she’s been around my entire life. J-Lo and I do everything together. We workout together, study together, take pictures together, drive around together, everything together. One of our favorite activities to do together, besides driving and talking, is SAMBA! I remember the first time she went to a SAMBA class with me.

She thought she was dying and it was one f the greatest moments we’ve had together. I had been attending SAMBA regularly for a few months before we started hanging out. I randomly Just mentioned to her that I was really enjoying SAMBA and would love it if she would come with me sometime. Well, obviously she finally did. I had been going long enough to where I knew some of the SAMBA routines by heart. She was dancing around like a chicken with its head cut off. At one point, two or three songs in, she turns to the left, looks at me, and said “Oh my God. How in the heck do you do this twice a week AND have a her face.

She looked like she was about to fall flat on the floor. Ever since that day, J- Lo keeps me accountable on my weight loss Journey and works out with me every day along with going to SAMBA twice a week. She is the best. J-Lo is my best friend, little sister, and accountability partner all in one. I will forever be grateful for her. I am very lucky to have someone like her in my life. She is the definition of a best friend in every way imaginable. I like to compare our friendship with a quote by Sarah Jessica Parker, “A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, and lucky to have. ”


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