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Product recall Opportunity 1 -Growing demand for environmental friendly vehicles 2-Growth with new strategic partnerships 3-lingering fuel price Threats 1- Decreasing fuel price 2-Piercing competition among automobile companies 3- Natural Disasters 4-lingering cost of raw materials 5-Appreciating Yen exchange rate – He was successful to change the profitability of the factory by implementing strategies such as cutting unnecessary expenses by closing inefficient sites, reducing workforces, utilizing less expensive materials, sharing operations with Renault, introducing new products. – He improve the efficiency and flexibility of his business and inspire sense of internationalism. A. He could change the atmosphere of his company from a local firm to an international one. The first step to reach this goal was the incentive scheme for mangers who can learn English. By encouraging them and making English as official language of Ionians, he made his company culture closer to a global firm. B.

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Global strategy view Ionians strategy in purchasing, engineering and production became global. It invested 45 million dollars in its engineering centre near Tokyo to combine its engineering and production activities in one place. Not only Ionians had factories in key markets such as Britain, France and the US but also the cites in China, Taiwan and the Philippines were built to make use of low labors cost in these countries . Shogun’s focus on R was a key role in his success.

By reinvesting 5% of net sales in new technologies, the Mississippi planet only introduced four models in less than eight months. All these characteristics mentioned, depict that Chosen is a Visionary Leader. To differentiate Ionians position from its competitors and become distinguished in global scale. The nature of Niacin’s international strategy creates a level of management in which having international vision, allocating resources and participating in international markets are high priorities.


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