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News Stories: Sherman Notebook

Stories “Sherman notebook вЂ? Sherman shoring things up” Sherman High’s football team is cleaning up their plays after two sloppy games during their bye week. As they are reviewing basics, the team has also unveiled the new uniform for away games. Also, She’s cross country team’s season is also into their season. The coach pinpointed upperclassmen Madison Clinton and Sam Dick and underclassmen Veronica Ass and Elated Lira as the top runners for the girls and boys varsity teams.

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At least 17 hurt in Texas school bus-truck wreck” On Monday morning, on an access road near Lorena, TX, an accident occurred between a school bus and a dump truck. The Branchville-Eddy KIDS bus crashed with the truck head-on. The fifteen students and their teacher aboard the bus were all treated in a local hospital, and then released. The driver of the bus had to be extracted from the wreck, and is still being hospitalized. The driver of the truck was not harmed in the collision. “Chicago police: Assault-style gun used in attack”

On Thursday there was a late-night attack in a Chicago park that was reported to have had an assault-style rifle that is used for warfare. Although 13 people were injured, one being a toddler, the city police superintendent said that it was a miracle that no lives were taken. The shooting occurred a little after pm, and is said to be gang-related. Many ambulances arrived at the scene to transport victims to local hospitals, and police began questioning any witnesses for help in solving the case.


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