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By having the fastest and efficient way of printing documents, it’s more likely a candidate of having new trends on vending machines especially in schools and universities. Compared to other vending machines, this system focuses on giving fast printing of documents. The process is simple and very easy to understand. Just plug in any flash drives or any external memory, then the system will scan all the saved files and will ask you to select what to be printed, then it will calculate how much that t cost to print your documents.

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Now, the IT students of Surging Del Sure State University (SUDSY) have come up with this new discovery of making, revising and improving technology, to prove that beyond our minds are something that is good to have and to create. Most of us had encountered printing our documents and experienced very slow service and may tend to pay much more than what we deserve to have. This thesis is dedicated to our fellow students and to those who are having problems on printing their documents on rush. Statement of purpose & objectives

To introduce a fair price printing machine where the students could get a good quality printing service. To provide a convenient and efficient way of printing documents. Students could achieve the best service of printing their documents in a way of printing their documents fast and easy. To facilitate the work and make easier to use. Significance of the Study University To be known because of the system, and besides they could gain profits on it. SUDSY Students This system will help, minimize, and hustle free for the students who are trying to rind their important documents.

Individuals Will make it operational by anyone in the University. It can encourage and inspire the IT students to develop an effective and efficient way of printing their documents that they could implement anywhere. Scope and Delimitation The research includes the following: Subject delimitation This study focuses on the students, and the faculty and staff of SUDSY-Cantina Campus. Time Delimitation The time frame in which the study will be conducted is on the first semester of the

Academic year 2013-2014. Place of the delimitation The research will be conducted at Surging del Sure State University Cantina Campus at Cantina, Surging del Sure. Definition of Terms Vending Machines A machine that dispenses small articles such as food, drinks, or cigarettes when a coin, bill, or token is inserted. Printer A machine for printing text or pictures onto paper, especially one linked to a computer. IT Student An expert of manipulating different applications of our mobile phones, computers


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