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Narrative Paradigm

College America/Engage We all had that friend that always had a story to tell. Years later I find out that story telling is a big part of communication. Walter fish wrote that all meaning full communication comes from storytelling, which is referred to as narrative paradigm. We use narrative paradigm every day to help us remember people, places, and things. We also use narrative paradigm to help us make decisions in life. Not all narrative paradigms are useful and relevant; some are Just for entertainment purpose.

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The process of narrative paradigm helps us recall special moments in our lives. I always tell the story of the first time I held my son in my hands. He was 7 pounds and 8 ounces and was born at 4:38 pm. I was nearly in a car accident on the way to the hospital because I was driving in a panic. Luckily I didn’t get ticket or hurt anyone including my-self. That story helps me remember the strong emotions I was feeling for the first time in my life. It also helps me remember where I was employed at the time; I was a temp at the post office.

I can even recall what I was wearing that ay because it was such a huge moment in my life. My mother and sister use narrative paradigm to try to help me remember things that happened when I was a child. Apparently I learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels the same day my big sister did. My mom said I was so upset that my sister learned how to ride a bike without training wheels; I through a fit in till my dad took off my training wheels a taught me how to ride without them. It took me 2 hours and a pair of paints to ride my bike.

My mother said I fell a lot so I had scratches on my arms and knees. Wow, every time I think about that story it makes me laugh cause I didn’t care about riding without training wheels in till my sister was able to ride without them. Since this incident was told to me in a story form, I was able to retain this great moment in my childhood. Narrative paradigms also can help us remember places we’ve been in life. All the vacations my family and I want on are remembered through story telling. My son recalls our visit to Disney World in bits and pieces.

I’ll help him fill in the blanks so he moment we had. My wife and I always recall our Vegas trip through story telling. It’s the only time we can party all night together, Just the two of us. We ate the beat Chinese food that we both had ever had in a casino called Bellagio. We also saw some great shows like circus of sole, went shopping, and dance the night away. Lewis Mel-Madonna said we communicate more effectively with others through story telling. With that in mind, when making an important decisions we must communicate effectively as possible.

Narrative paradigm helps us communicate effectively with others when making choices in life. A friend of mine brought in car recently. I spoke to him a few days before he got the car and he wasn’t sure about which car he wanted. He told me one car was fast, looked really good, and had low miles. The other car was not a fast but it was bigger. He liked the size of the car because he likes having more room when driving. He gave me a list of pros and con’s for both cars. He asks me what I thought, I told to get the one with the best miles per gallon because gas prices are ridiculous.

Narrative paradigm helped my friend communicate effectively to me. I understood exactly why he was in a dilemma; it was a win-win situation because he loved both cars but could only have one. I tried to give him advice but I’m pretty sure he factor in everything already. Yet he still wanted to tell the story of the two cars. I also was able to feel how passionate he was about the two cars. It’s a very effective communication style. We also use narrative paradigm for entertainment purposes.

Like when one of my friends named Paul told me about some crazy night he and his brother Rocky had. It starts with dinner at some nice restaurant. After that went to a cool bar with pool tables and T. V. ‘s so you can watch the game. There he meets this nice girl that invites them too club on a rooftop. He said club didn’t end in till three am so they party all night. He also said he got that girls phone number and they’re supposed to go on a date next weekend. I was like wow! It sucks that I missed all that, sounds like a great night.

The next day I saw Rocky and ask him about that crazy night he and his brother had. Rocky had no idea what I was talking about. He said him and Paul didn’t go anywhere last night because they didn’t have no money. All they did was order pizza and play video games all night. That wasn’t the first time Paul told a great story that wasn’t true. Since the story was not true, the whole point of it was to entertain me, and that it as. Humans are story tellers. Even if we don’t have one, we will sometimes make one up. Narrative paradigm is essential for humans to communicate.

It gives us a chance to get to know each other. It lets us know who we are and where we fit in life. I’m going to have stories for my son’s kids one day. It will help shape who they went to be because of their family history. When I was young, narrative paradigm help me understand a lot about my parents and how they were raised. It can also give us dual perspective; you can put yourself in someone else shoes if you understand where they been. Narrative paradigm is a powerful communication style that humans will continue to use to connect with each other.


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