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Myself as a writer

Success in writing can mean a number of things to each individual writer. Pondering my own success in writing, I wonder, have I had any great success in writing? Sure, my limited skills in writing did help me graduate high school, over 13 years ago. Writing has even played an enormous role in helping me land an array of different employment positions over the years. Writing in a Journal during some of the most challenging times in my life has helped me tremendously and pushed me to be more silent than ever.

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Having those trying times down on paper is empowering. Most hardships for me these days are comparatively minute and I can face them knowing that I have endured worse. Writing has been an invaluable tool in communicating with friends, family and coworkers on a daily basis. There is a level of success to each one of those, but I think my greatest success in writing is yet to come. Often when I sit down and put pen to paper, I feel overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings gushing to me.

It’s as though there is an imaginary bottleneck that all of these ideas are rushing to get through, and I can’t seem to get them out and onto the paper in a fluid like movement. Instead it becomes a Jumbled mess of words and statements that is daunting to organize. I have a very strong creative side. I get the urge to write lyrics or an inspirational blob, something to release the thoughts that dance around my mind and keep me up at night.

I want desperately to find my niche in writing, coming confident enough to share some of the things that currently take up so much space in my mind and heart, as well as the disorganized pages of my Journal. Optimistically, ten years from now, I know that I will be able to look back and pinpoint exactly what I feel my greatest success in writing has been. Until then, I will continue to fill pages with words that make sense to me and try to improve my skills and in hopes that they will soon make sense to other readers.


I'm Sophie Gosser!

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