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My Trip To Galveston Beach

There aren’t any tall skyscrapers or backed up bumper to bumper traffic, instead there are huge golden fields of corn and hay stacks, farms and huge bludgeon black cows. We continued to drive for about thirty more minutes, and I soon realized that we were getting close to the beach. I could smell the salt in the cool breeze of air from my window. It was mixed with the sweet fragrance of food from the boardwalk. When we arrived at our destination, my father checked us into our rooms at the Silver Leaf Resort.

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I really wasn’t paying too much attention to my surroundings, because I was rusting with excitement wanting to go to the beach. I begged my mother and father till I turned blue saying “please can we go to the beach now. ” “Pretty please with sure on top. ” My father Just looked at me with that solemn face he always has and said “yes, baby girl we can unpack later. ” “Now let’s head to the beach. ” I screamed like a banshee with excitement and ran to the room and changed into my swim wear.

I grabbed my maroon beach towel with my pale and shovel, and my mini purse that contained my shades, bubbles, and sun screen. My father carried me down on his shoulders out of the hotel, and when we finally cached the beach my father let me down. When my feet touched the lukewarm sand it felt as if I stepped into a bowl of uncooked grits and they were stuck in between my toes. As I stared out into the murky turquoise water, I could see people splashing, swimming, boating, and tubing.

While along the shore there were lots of big colorful umbrellas and people lying underneath them tanning or Just eating building sand castles with their children. I grabbed my mother’s hand which felt like smooth milk and butter and ran down to the water. When I got to the edge, a hard wave crashed against my legs it was pleasant to the touch. My mother picked me up and walked in to the salty blue water that splashed all around us. She let me down and started splashing me with the water. She splashed me with one big swoosh of water that got into my mouth as I was laughing.

It tasted like hard bitter herbs which left a bad after taste. I scrunched up my face while giggling and screaming “Mom! ” She simply Just hugged me and smiled saying “I’m sorry sweetheart. ” As I got out of her arm I could see my father and Uncle Dean out in the distance. They looked like small ants floating on a stick. They smiled and waved at me and my mother. As I was playing next to my as, but it looked like a corn on a cob that had been eaten with legs on all sides. I tried to tell my mom it was coming to get me, but all she said was “It is okay and that it couldn’t hurt me. Of course I didn’t believe that for one second, so to take my mind off of it my mom starting blowing bubbles and playing Marco polo with me. I soon forgot about the weird little creature until I felt something on my arm. When I looked down that weird little creature was sucking on my arm. I screamed so loud that the people next to us stopped and started staring at us. My mom grabbed the little thing if my arm, which I later found out to be a sea cucumber and took me out of the water.

By now it was getting dark out and the wind picked up, my mother decided it was time to head back to the hotel. We packed up and went back to the room, where I got cleaned up and ready for dinner. We decided to eat out at Red Lobster. The food was delicious; I had an order of shrimp scampi and cheddar bisques. The garlic from the shrimp melted exquisitely with the butter and lemon Juice. My father then turned to me and asked “How was my first time at the beach? ” I told him it was wonderful besides the incident I had with the sea creature. He Just looked at me and laughed.


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