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My greatest obstacle

Softball, a sport I wanted to play well, was one difficult obstacle in my life. First, I have played softball since my freshman year of high school. I was naturally gifted at hitting and catching. I had been a JP starter and each day at practice I gave my all. I was not noticed much because the coach was focused mostly on the Varsity players, so I usually sat on the bench in the dugout watching the game, and this happened at every game of the season. During one game Coach Spence gave me hope of playing, and I was very eager to bat.

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Unfortunately, the game did not last long enough because a rain storm interrupted. That game was cancelled, and I did not have my chance. The next season I cheered louder than ever in the dugout, and I showed my skills at practice. Regrettably, I still sat on that same bench for the next five games. I convinced myself I would get a chance soon. I kept trying to prove to my coach, that I did have what it takes to play. Another season went by, and I only had 15 minutes of playing time.

This was my Junior year as a varsity player and I decided to quit the am because I never got enough time to play. During the second game, my position was an outfielder. I played exceptionally well and I even caught a few balls. Unluckily though, we lady falcons lost that game. The following Monday, practice was held at the field, and Coach Spence asked to speak too few of us, me included. He made some negative comments about our game and our unenthusiastic attitudes. He stated that it was the outfielders’ fault that we lost the game.

I interjected, but he cut e off and alleged that we would not play until we had the motivation and desire to play softball. Then he made the whole team run laps. I wanted to shout and cry but I held my temper. After that grueling run, Coach Spence separated the team into who was playing JP and Varsity. When he finished calling names, I realized he did not say my name. I was stuck on the JP side again while he moved another JP girl into my Varsity spot. I was upset with his decision and I could not hide my feelings.

I had hot tears running down my face and told the coach I was quitting. The following day as I was about to turn in my uniform, Mrs.. Cone, my school counselor, asked to speak with me, and she gave me the best advice. She said, “Katherine, you are a remarkable person that never gives up. I admire that quality; very few have that. You can’t let one person tear you down from playing the sport you love. Don’t ever let anyone say you can’t do it, because you can. This is Just one small obstacle you’re facing. So it’s your choice; you can either choose to sink or swim. I contemplated those words for a hill, until I made my decision. I stood firm with what I had to tell my coach and did not back down. He apologized for his mistakes and errors and asked if I could stay on the team. I informed him that I wanted to stay, not because of him or his apology, but because I promised I would never give up on my dreams. From this obstacle I have learned to tell myself every single day that people can never say to me that I cannot do something, and if they do, then that is another reason to prove them wrong. My greatest obstacle By extraterrestrial


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