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My Favorite Place BY ntkkib_1125 Charlotte Little My favorite place in life is my parents’ house that I treasure and adores. That is the most special place ever, not only do I get to see my family; but we laugh, we cry, we fuss, and sometime fght. Under all that, love tops it all; her house is fill with so much tender, love, and care. We have Sunday dinners together; one of my favorite dinners on that day is pork steaks, bake macaroni & cheese, collard greens, ornbread, and some homemade lemonade my mom specialty.

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After getting our belly full we sit back and laugh and talk about the good O’days. Now on some Saturdays, we grill all kind of meat from Hotdogs to Ribs. We have all the kids’ birthday parties at my parent’s house. Their house is like a fun spot for the kids, they have so much fun that they doesn’t want to come home. They love to spend the night, Just about every night. We come together to watch movies that comes out for the first time at my arents house.

My parents place is full of so many memories; it will take months to tell our story. My mother is an amazing lady; she is one of the sweetie’s ladies you will ever want to meet. If you are in needed she will help you in any way she possibly can, she will give you her shirt off her back if you needed one. My father he is the same way; although, my father might look mean, but he is also sweet and quiet. He is not a people person, but he will speak to you if you speak to him.

I am the baby out of even; its 6 girls and 1 boy. I have more nephews than nieces. After a long day of work, school, and kids, we all meet at our parent’s house and unwind, so that is why my parent’s house is my favorite place. It is funny because we all have our own place but we stay at our parent’s house Just like we still live there. From the time we get off work or out of school we go straight over our parents house, and when the kids get out of school they ride the bus over to my parents.

So I guess I’m not the only one ho is crazy about being at my parents place. My friends love to come over and sit around my family as well, because my mother’s home is Just like a place to come and relax and enjoy a good laugh. Once you come to my mom house you will never want to leave and it will have you coming back the next day, next day, etc. Right now my mom has so many outside kids she never knew she had. That is why I love my parent’s house and it will always be my favorite place. Also, my Home Sweet Home!!!!!!!


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