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Why Should I Major In Computer Science And Engineer

Did you decide what you should major in? Is it suitable for you? Many students ask themselves what is the best major that will prepare them to the future career. For me, I chose to major in Computer Science Engineer for that reason I have done a research about my major to help me modernize my general background about Computer Science Engineer. In addition, I have done a personal Interview with Adel M. AlAni, B. S. in Computer Engineer Technology who graduate in 1990s.

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Also, I took advantage of secondary resources from SMC online Library. Furthermore, after collecting all these informations about my major and review it, Am I ready for Computer Science Engineer major? To be sure, I have to consider related major differences, advantages and disadvantages, and growth marketing of Computer Science Engineer. First, what is Computer Science Engineer? It can be define as Electrical Engineering and Computer Science combined together to develop software and hardware Solutions.

In my interview, I asked Eng. AlAni to explain the differences between Computer Engineering and Computer Science, he answered me “Computer Engineers builds hardware while Computer Scientist mostly does not. However, majoring in Computer Science Engineer it will give you full control of Computer solutions because it combined the hardware and software developing. “(l) Moreover, every time earning new information about Computer Science Engineer major get me step closer to make decision about it.

Second, every major have advantages and disadvantages it is always helpful to know he features and perks that you could benefit from your major. According to my research and Interview that I did, one of the advantages of being Computer Science Engineer is getting a high income rate depending on the skills and experience. Also, it can be interesting Job by building software that can be used every day in the world. In addition, learning new skills constantly being in Computer Engineering filed always require updating.

On the other hand, the disadvantages on Computer filed are few, ometimes it could be frustrating, no room for mistake due a high level of code programming. Thus, Computer Science Engineer seems very interesting major that could get me in a future career. Last but not least, Career growth, every career has growth marketing that it could increase or decrease depending on the demand. In the newspaper Los Angeles Times “Orange County Briefly; UCI Boosts Computer Science, Engineering Enrollment” supposing enormous growing of freshmen enrollment by 61% more than last year.

Moreover, Patrice shares that Michael Pazzani chairman of the Computer Science department stated that, school is adding more new lab buildings to fulfilled the accommodate growth and help to fill the demand. Computer marketing grows fast each year thus; it makes computer Engineers graduate always getting opportunities for Job positions. As a result, after reviewing all the informations and the research that I have done, now I can be prepared for Computer Science Engineer major. Therefore, in order to make a wise major decision, it’s always good to do a research bout it.

Knows what are the alternatives, benefits, weaknesses and the progress marketing of the major. Moreover, it tells if you are suitable for it or not. As a result, my research helped me a lot to take a wise decision. In addition, it gave me the opportunities to collect helpful informations that it could help in major in future. Sources: Adel M. AlAni, personal, 27th, sep 2013 Patice, Apodaca “Orange County Briefly; UCI Boosts Computer Science, Engineering Enrollment” Los Angeles Times [Los Angeles, California] 21 May 1998:8. Resource center web. 25th sep. 2013


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