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Class participation enriches the quality of the learning experience. Students are strongly encouraged to add to the discussions. Your ability to verbally communicate is critical to your future as a businessperson. I hope to develop this skill in the classroom. Our discussion enables me to assess how well I have communicated a point. It also allows me to assess your level of preparation for a lecture topic.

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If, I have evidence that you have not prepared, I reserve the right to assess you formally in a quiz format. On-time attendance is required. A daily role will be taken 5 minutes after class part be calculated from your attendance. If, you miss 6 classes you will get zero participation grade. If you miss 8 classes you will fail the course. Cell phones should be turned off. Use off cell phone during class will carry a 2% overall grade penalty per occurrence. There is a short case attached to each topic. There are 3 or 4 questions with each case.

You need to read and analyze the case and answer the questions. The responses will be posted on the discussion board locations designed for the case. I will grade the case answers that you have submitted. EXAMS There will be 5 exams this semester. Each exam will cover the material leading up to the exam. The exams will be given in class and will be essay short answer. Alternatively, exams may be given via Angel. There will be a comprehensive final exam of the same format as the 5 semester exams. This exam material will cover everything taught during the semester.

After you have completed the case discussion and studied the case and material associated with the case you will take a short quiz which tests your ability to apply the case material and general knowledge of the case. You will answer 5 multiple choice questions and scores will be recorded in the grade book.Teaching and learning is a partnership between faculty and students. I will fulfill my partnership obligations by being prepared for every class, serving as an advisor, insulate, mentor and providing clarifications of difficult or confusing concepts.

You will fulfill your partnership obligations by being prepared for each class quiz and discussion and being fully participative, responsive, working team member of the class. The exams and discussion board all play an important role in your education in this course. They are an essential part of the learning process in that they require the synthesis and extension of concepts. They also help both the student and the indicates that generally the course material cannot be adequately mastered without active involvement on your part.


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