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John Donaldson Men Will still Thrive Hanna Rosin’s “The End of Men” conveys her position on women and their role in society. She explains how women in general are on the rise in society and will soon be superior to men. Rosin also claims that men will replace more women when it comes to staying home and watching the children. This debatable topic causes disagreement between men and women. Rosin claims that women are more sociable, motivated, and are superseding men in college. In result she claims it’s the “Turning point for women in the workforce. 68) Although women may be outperforming men in college, men don’t necessarily need college in order to be successful. Many people believe that college nowadays is a necessity for one to have any chance in being successful. That isn’t necessarily true; men graduate high school and can create their own business, carry on a family inherited business, or get involved with blue-collar Jobs. The Job opportunities in general are slowing down drastically. In fact, going to college still results in the lack of Job availability for many radiates. College is what guides students in the career they want to be involved in.

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It doesn’t guarantee a career for anyone, but it does help one to be more suited and knowledgeable about specific Jobs. Rosin may be right about women outperforming men in college, but it doesn’t mean men will soon be inferior when it comes to Job competition. Although Rosin might be correct about “self-control, focus, and verbal aptitude that seem to come more easily to young girls” (70) That doesn’t mean women ill soon be the superiors of the workforce, because a classroom setting can’t determine how someone will perform on the Job they have someday.

Hanna Rosin claims “It makes some economic sense that women attend community collegesвЂ?and in fact, all collegesвЂ?in greater numbers than men. ” (66) She goes on to explain that the median income for women is 7,000 dollars less than the median income for men, which she claims is why more women are going to college then men now a days. There are a variety of Jobs that men can obtain without a college background. Career fields like plumbing, mining, electricians, landscaping businesses, and construction are generally Jobs that involve men more so than women.

These Jobs involve more physical labor, which men are and always will be more physically dominant. In result all of these Jobs will always favor men. Along with blue-collar Jobs, sports are also jobs that are favorable for men. Yes it isn’t often that people become professional in sports, but they are Jobs that are dominated by men that don’t necessarily require a college background. Some life examples who didn’t go to college or dropped out of college are some of the most successful people alive today.

These people would be Richard Brannon, Michael Dell, Simon Jewell, and even the richest man alive today Bill Gates. They all are very successful and three out of the four names are successful business owners. This reiterates the point that college isn’t a necessity for men to succeed. Richard Brannon now owns over 250 companies, and even his own airline Virgin Atlantic. Michael Dell the creator of the Dell computer company didn’t


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