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McDonald’s company Analysis

International Marketing � what is the most important stage in the beginning every time confronting with the new subject. However, only accomplishing the practical tasks we can better understand the matter of discipline analyzing strategic audit of a concrete operating company. Our tasks of this paper work were to gather into equally divided groups of students and to work on a common goal in showing the degree to which we can collaborate together in analyzing the chosen company and building our general management competence.

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So, the broader tasks to reach the aim are: o overview and analyze the literature concerning the subject of International Marketing; to describe the chosen company and the market it is operating in; to analyze principles of a selected company and existing strategies in it. The object of our team project is McDonald’s Incorporated recognized as a premier franchising business around the world, leading global food service retailer having over 32,000 local restaurants which serve its favorite foods – World Famous Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounded, Chicken Nuggets and Egg McMullen to more than 64 million people in 117 countries each day.

Everything has started when Patrick McDonald opened “The Airdrome” in 1937. This restaurant was located at the Monrovia Airport in Monrovia, California. At that time prices were much lower than it is today. Back to then the hamburgers were sold only for accents, and all-you-can-drink orange Juice cost only Scents. After areas, in 1940 his two sons Mac and Dick (Maurice and Richard), relocate the whole building and open the restaurant with new name “McDonald’s Bar-a-Queue Restaurant” in San Bernardino, California. It was a typical drive-in featuring a large menu and car hop service.

In 1948 McDonald brothers closed their restaurant temporarily. After months, in December the new, with a self-service drive-in, restaurant was opened. The menu was minimized and it consisted only from nine items (hamburger, cheeseburger, soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips and a slice of pie. After several years, in 1954, a multiplier salesman Ray Crock enters into a McDonald’s developing stage. He realized that taking an opportunity to become a franchising agent for a whole new concept of restaurant is an appropriate decision for his future.

On April 1 5th 1955 the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plainness, Illinois is opened. A one year later Fred Turner (future McDonald’s Chairman) is hired as a counter man. After a while he became the head of McDonald’s Operations which were responsible for the quality, service and cleanliness. The biggest event at that time in 1960′ was the statement that McDonald’s has sold 100 Million of hamburgers in more than 100 After this university students get a Bachelor degree of Hamburger’s. 1 The Business started to expand and in 1963 there were times more restaurant than in 1958. McDonald’s reaches 500 restaurants.

At the 10th Anniversary (1965) of McDonald’s it issues the first public stock selling for $22. 0 per share. In 1967 McDonald’s starts the business internationally. Firstly, it goes to close neighbors, in Canada and Puerco Rice first restaurants are opened. Therefore, nowadays we can see McDonald’s restaurants in 119 countries around the world. Another big change in McDonald’s history was the first Drive-thru. It was opened in Sierra Vista, Arizona. As long as there were soldiers near Fort Hachure who were not allowed to leave the car in army fatigues, the McDonald’s has solved this problem introducing a new service “drive-thru”.

It became one of most successful implementation in services field. Later on McDonald’s started to expand its business really quickly. The restaurants are opened in Japan then in Spain, Denmark, and Philippines. At the end of 1983, McDonald’s has 7,778 restaurants located in 32 countries all around the world. At the year of 1996 the Internet site McDonald’s is created. In 2009 the break event was that MacAfee goes National and later on internationally. Nowadays McDonald’s is considered to be the leading global food service retailer. It owns more than 32,000 local restaurants in 119 countries worldwide.

The principle of this expansion is quite impel to serve high quality, standardized products to all customers. The restaurants are operating independent and they run by local businessman or businesswoman. McDonald’s name is well known for franchising which was the key to nowadays success in the worldwide food industry market. There are 119 countries where the McDonald’s is operating and more than 75%of it is set by franchising. The managers of McDonald’s are considered to be those people who are highly qualified business people Joining their System as Owners/Operators.

McDonald’s are seeking businessman/businesswoman with a business experience. It is important that those people have some knowledge from owning or managing business/business units or having led multiple departments as their previous Job. Another factor which is being considered is financial resources. In McDonald’s case the top executive officers are working as managers who direct restaurant’s staff indirectly. They use several levels of supervisors who then direct the workers. There is a high need to be familiar with the work which now they are managing.

So, there is no wonder why they all climbed the carrier from the bottom to the top. In such company as a McDonald’s managers ay only provide some recommendation to the next level of management whether to hire or to fire employees. McDonald’s brand mission statement is to “be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat. ” Our worldwide operations have been aligned around a global strategy called the Plan to win cantering on the five basics of an exceptional customer experience – People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion.


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