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MBA project by Chetan Akhare

Except for the strong will bestowed by almighty to pursue the study with patience and sincerity I would have not been able to complete it. I am grateful to our director Dry Sandy Chording, Proof. D. P. Visionary & my mentor Mr.. Saran, Mr.. Vicar Hate for all the support given during data collection which has precisely assisted my accomplishment. I am also thankful to my family and my friends without whom it wouldn’t have been possible to complete this research. I sincerely thank all the people who knowingly or unknowingly helped me in the work.

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Mauritius revenues totaled approximately 73. 3 billion rupees in 2009-2010. Its operating profit as of 2009-2010 is 75 billion rupees while its net profit comes to 6. 8 billion rupees. The company has two manufacturing facilities located at Surgeon ND Amnesia, south of New Delhi, India, which have an annual combined capability to produce over a 12 lash (12, 00,000) passenger car units. The company is planning to invest 17 billion rupees in the Amnesia plant.. Marti is known for its hatchback cars, especially the Marti 800. Other popular hatchback models include the Marti Zen and the Alto.

It offers fourteen brands and over one hundred and fifty variants – Marti 800, Omni, EEOC, Alto, Alto-SKI, A-star, Wagons, Swift, Ritz and Still, Gypsy, SUB Grand Vital, sedans SEX and Swift Dizzier. Marti Suzuki introduced factory fitted CNN option on 5 models across vehicle segments. These include EEOC, Alto, Still, Wagon R and Sex. Marti Suzuki has employee strength over 7,600 (as at end March 2010). In 2009-10, the company sold a record units including 1,47,575 units which we exported primarily to Europe, the remaining 870,790 sold in India.

In the third quarter of 2009-2010, the company sold 258, 026 units. Thus, in March 2010, Marti Suzuki had an India market share of 53. 3 per cent of the Indian passenger car market of 16, 33,752 passenger car units. Marti Suzuki will be investing around RSI. 1,250 core (RSI 12. 5 billion) on capacity expansion of the K-series engines between 2010 and 2012. The expanded annual capacity will be over 7 lash units from the present 5 lash units of K-series engine cars. This will be a progressive investment to be completed by 2012.

It has a sales network is 802 centers in 555 towns and cities across India. The customer service support network comprises of 2,740 workshops in over 1 ,335 towns and cities. In 2008, Marti Suzuki India Limited, unveiled a National Road Safety Mission under which it would train 500,000 people in safe driving in 3 years at 61 Marti Driving Schools and 4 Institutes of Driving Training and Research (DIRT) in Delhi, Durance and Fedora. History of Marti In 1981, Marti was launched. The company was started by the Government of India and was initially called Marti Technical Services Private Limited.

The first Managing Director of the company was Sandy Gandhi, late-Indian Prime Minister During the period of 1985 to 1996, a few other significant developments took place including Suzuki taking up 50% stake in Marti, leading to a 50-50 Joint venture between Marti and the Government of India and over 60 per cent of its parts being produced in India leading to lower costs of production as the parts didn’t have to be imported from abroad. When asked why Suzuki was chosen as the partner of this established corporation, the chairman of Marti, Mr..

R. C Braggart said that the company went to Japan and none of the companies out of Ionians, Mediumistic and Dadaists were ready to bring 40 per cent equity in India. Suzuki was the only company which agreed to bring 26 per cent equity in India and raise it to 40 per cent thereafter. The first car that the company produced was a four-door Marti 800 and the second car that the company produced was a Multi-legality Vehicle called the Omni. Between 1994 and 1996 Marti released the Esteem, the Gypsy, the Omni, the Gypsy King, Zen and Esteem.

It also opened a second plant in Amnesia whose capacity at the time of opening was units. In 2000 Marti launched a call center. This was the first time a car company had ever launched a call center in India. In this year, Marti setup a website for its Wagon-R car, introduced a new model of the Zen, got the RITE National Award for its safety initiative, traffic management and environment protection, launched the Baleen and the Wagon R with electric power steering, Joined hands with Summit’s for providing after-sales service and introduced the Suzuki Alto.

The Surgeon plant ad stopped production due to a strike by the employees. Marti introduced its first CNN car in 2001. In the same year Marti invested 550 core rupees in manufacturing cars. In 2002, Marti launched Marti Finance to offer financial services like extended warranty and finance for car insurance. It also hiked its car prices and launched the Versa. This was a good year for Marti in exports as it produced 16,000 cars for an order to Europe. In the next few years Marti got into collaboration with various companies to launch car-selling schemes.

They partnered with State Bank of India to launch a chem. where each branch of the bank would sell a Marti car. The company also tied-up with Reliance Industries Limited for lease and fleet management. This was the same year Kumar Mangle Barilla Joined Marti as an independent director. From 2005 – 2007 Marti became the market leader of Indian cars and in 2006 unveiled the new Wagon-R in Punjab. In 2007, Marti launched the SEX sedan. Mission To provide a wide range of modern, high quality fuel efficient vehicles in order to meet the need of different customers, both in domestic and export markets.

To provide maximum value for money to their customers through mutinous improvement of products and services. Marti has a network of 391 sales outlets across 230 cities all over India. The service network covers 1,113 towns and cities, bolstered by 2,142 authorized services out lets. The company’s change in strategy and emphasis on developing effective marketing communications was Vision The leader in the India Automobile Industry, Creating Customer Delight and Shareholder’s Wealth; A pride of India We must be an internationally competitive company in terms of our products and services.


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