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Dissociation is a psychological defense mechanism where specific, misinterpretation thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations are separated from real life. This state of mind acts to protect one from their life fears. Dissociating is perceived to some as a good way to keep away from your own fears. Martha Cutout’s essay, I Woke Up Tuesday and It Was Friday, has real examples and experiences that her patients have described proving it is not the right way to deal with things.

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Dissociation is a poor choice of dealing with your issues because it takes a person out of real reality, it can cause a huge safety hazard to yourself and others, and you are not fixing anything, just hiding the problems. Dissociation removes real people from reality. Once a person is experiencing a similar traumatic experience or even a knew one, the brain changes. ” For trauma changes the brain itself. Like the outdated fuse box, the psychologically traumatized brain houses inscrutable eccentricities that cause it to overreact- or more precisely, mistreat- to the current realities of life. (Stout 382). The traumas one has been through basically is remembered in the brain as something ad and therefore when an experience like that is nearby the brain will ‘black out’. These black outs are sometimes seen as a good thing because they avoided the bad issue but couldn’t this in fact be a dangerous safety hazard? Being removed from reality can be a serious safety hazard. If a person tends to dissociate due to the fact that they have been in a serious car accident, then you would assume they would dissociate even if it looked like a slight chance of a minor rear- end accident.

In this case, if the dissociates is the driver who may rear- end the cliche in front, then the dissociates may go into a state of dissociation and not push the breaks and make the accident far worse then it would have been if the person had stayed in reality. “The part of consciousness that we nearly always conceive of as the “self” can be not there for a few moments, for a few hours, and in heinous circumstances, for much longer” (Stout 388). We know that everyone dissociates at some point in their lives.

The problem with some people is that they do it too much and for too long. This becomes a problem for people when they dissociate every single time a issue or memory of trauma comes about. Martha Stout knows that this is something that people do have to try to over come. It is okay for the occasional dissociation but it is much healthier and satisfactory if the person can learn to deal with their problems. In her therapy sessions with Julia, it finally became clear to the patient that this defense mechanism is not the proper way to live life. IOW know how we talk about my tendency to be dissociation? Well do you think I dissociate from my body, too? Because if that’s what I’m doing, then its the illusion from hell. I mean, if it’s supposed to save me, it’s not working. In fact, it’s going o kill me one day. And even if it doesn’t kill me, what’s the use of living if I can’t feel anything? Why should I be alive when I lose big parts of my life? I mean, really, how can you care about anything if you can’t even know the truth about yourself?

If you keep easy way out and Just simple not remember and forget the past, has realized that that is not the right way to live. It hurts more to know that you do not know what or when or why you are dissociating. Stout then encourages her to do some hypnosis with her and try to actually remember her problems, taking the first step to dealing tit this. Constantly dissociating throughout your life could be comparable to living your life as a lie. Dissociates do not really know, or better yet remember, their past and even present life.

Dissociation is a poor choice of dealing with your issues because it takes a person out of real reality, it can cause a huge safety hazard to yourself and others, and you are not fixing anything, Just hiding the problems. Although many people would feel that dissociation could be an easier and less painful way to deal with their past and present issue, it is not a healthy way to repair ND live life. Martha Stout went through multiple therapy sessions with patients that dissociate.

She kindly allows them to talk through their lives and then ends with one of her patients realizing themselves that they need to stop dissociating because it is not them really living their lives. She has proven that the safest, most life- fulfilling thing for dissociates to do is to remember their past and face it in real time. Works Cited Stout, Martha. “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday. ” The New Humanities Reader. 4th De. Boston: Headwords, 2010. 380-400. Print.


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