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Market Research Report: Energy and Sports Drink Market Growth in Asia

The changing consumer preferences, demand for functional beverages, increasing awareness towards healthy lifestyles and growing urban population in Asia would be the major factors that would drive the market in coming years. An increasing awareness towards healthy lifestyles has led to a transition in the taste and preferences of people in Asia. The young urban population has been the target customer for energy and sports drink brands in this region.

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The energy and sports drinks are majorly consumed by professional sports people, gym goers and by orking professionals and students that require a special beverage in order to boost their energy and stay active. “The increasing participation of the health conscious people in sports and fitness activities has greatly impacted the growth trend of sports and energy drink market in Asia. The young population aged 25-35 years represents a potential group of customers for the energy and sports drink manufacturers in the region. ” – According to the research report ‘Asia Energy and Sports Drink Market Outlook to 2017’ by Ken Research.

The increasing media exposure towards sporting events on television has captured the attention of people, which in turn has encouraged the youth to adopt sports as a profession or as a hobby. This has impelled the growth of sports drinks in Asian countries over the last few years. Sports drinks market in Asia is dominated by famous brands such as Gatorade, Powerade and Pocari Sweat. Red Bull majorly has dominated the energy drink market in the region. Red Bull has effectively maintained a strong distribution channel in various countries in Asia such as in India, China,

Japan, Thailand and in South Korea. The energy and sports drink market is anticipated to be driven by the growing trend of health and fitness is expected to create significant demand in Asian countries. The consumer expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages is expected to surge in the region owing to the rise in disposable incomes of the people. The rising awareness about fitness and health benefits among the people in the region will encourage more people to Join fitness and sports clubs which will drive the demand nd consumption of energy and sports drink in the coming years.

The report provides detailed overview on the energy and sports drink market in Asia and help reader to identify the ongoing trends in the key segments of the industry and anticipated growth in future depending upon changing industry dynamics in coming years. The report will aid industry consultants, food and beverage service companies and marketing companies and other stakeholders to align their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected trends in future. ttp://www. kenresearch. om/agriculture-food-beverages/beverages/asia-energy-and- sports-drink-market-research-report/429-104. html http://www. kenresearch. com/press/news-asia-energy-and-sports-drink-market/ 211 . html Related Links: http://www. kenresearch. com/agriculture-food-beverages/beverages/]apan-energy- and-sports-drink-market-research-report/432-104. html http://www. kenresearch. com/agriculture-food-beverages/beverages/south-korea- energy-and-sports-drink-market-research-report/433-104. html http://www. enresearch. om/agriculture-food-beverages/beverages/india-energy- and-sports-drink-market-research-report/431-104. html http://www. kenresearch. com/agriculture-food-beverages/beverages/thailand-energy- and-sports-market-research-report/434-104. html http://www. kenresearch. com/agriculture-food-beverages/beverages/china-energy- and-sports-drink-market-research-report/430-104. html Contact Person: Ankur Gupta Designation: Head-Marketing & Communication E-mail: [email protected] com contact: 01147017199, +91 9015378249


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