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Many of the applicants for this tax- exemption status are groups which have the following “conservative buzzwords” included or attached to their names; “tea party’, “9/12”, “conservative” and “patriot”. Due to these associations they are being discriminated towards and their institutional rights are being violated Just because of an assumed political position. Through the various congressional hearings and proof that has arisen, there is considerable proof that these groups have been intimidated and unjustly treated over many, many months and in some instances over many years.

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Today, the IRS scandal not only encompasses the targeting of conservative groups, but also the waste and mismanagement of the American tax dollars by the arrogant and lavish spending for conferences, retreats and videos, all of which have created even more disdain for the IRS than normal. Their irresponsible and wasteful ways in a time of tremendous economic turmoil have proven to be unconscionable. All of this, creating a greater lack in trust and confidence, as well as more cynicism by the population, of wider targeting.

There is tremendous concern for what will become of the privacy for all of the information compiled by the IRS for each citizen. They seemed to have lost the trust of the majority due to their inefficiency and misappropriating their power. They are supposed to be a “non-partisan” institution, but are they? The outrage of this scandal is not only expressed by conservatives, republicans, and independents but by democrats as well. This is apparent in the article written by Bob Realistic for the Baltimore Sun as recently as Sunday, June 16, 2013. 2. Indeed, it’s difficult to overstate all that is wrong about the targeting of American citizens for their political views. Herewith, five reasons why this one hits harder and digs deeper than the other Obama scandals of recent months. •Nobody likes the IRS. These are the public servants who conduct the audits that (can) lead to penalties, fines, or worse. Their examiners demand the supportive documents we too often disregard. Where did I put that shoebox full of receipts? ) Many of us get uptight Just receiving correspondence from the IRS in the morning mail.

Rarely is such correspondence of a congratulatory tone. •The IRS implements a tax code nobody really understands. It is a code that now extends to 73,954 pages of often-arcane language. Fewer than half the population prepares their own taxes; it is estimated the private sector spends $193 billion annually on tax preparation. That’s a huge amount of money going to compliance rather than productive, profitable pursuits. •The IRS is the primary agency charged with implementing Beamer.

Yes, the already unpopular agency must now regulate the increasingly unpopular “Affordable Care Act. ” And the last thing the American public needs to be reminded about is that Beamer requires hiring of thousands of IRS agents to ensure that every individual, business and nonprofit in America is Beamer compliant. (Oh, one of the other things an already angry public does not want to see is a smug IRS commissioner telling Congress he made 157 trips to the White House and the only one he can remember is the Easter egg roll! ) •Reports of lavish spending at IRS retreats.

In the midst of all the bad press, now comes evidence of scandalous amounts of money ($50 million) spent on high- priced hotels, conferences, and homemade entertainment videos that confirm the worst fears of all those taxpayers suspicious about how their hard-earned tax dollars are (MIS-) spent in Washington, D. C. (Note to present and future Cabinet secretaries of both parties: Fox News always seems to find the goofiest comedic videos made for agency retreats. And they always seem to come to light when the agency is in hot water for other alleged sins. ) •IRS targeting of conservative-oriented groups.

And the granddaddy of them all: irrefutable evidence the Obama IRS targeted conservative groups for special investigation smack dab in the middle of a tense presidential campaign. And at a time the president and his surrogates were running around the country complaining about the rise of the tea party and other similarly situated organizations. ” All of these wrongful, immoral, and possibly illegal acts have affected the morality and credibility of the Obama administration, as well as other programs and entities a lot of debate and “chaos” is Beamer.

There has always been a lot of concern ND doubt as to how and if this massive program and undertaking was going to work and how it would be run and supervised. The American population learned that the IRS would be the agency responsible and directly in charge of running and overseeing Beamer. Even before this IRS scandal came about, having the IRS directly linked to and in charge of Beamer was not a popular choice at all. Most were very skeptical and fearful of this entire program and how it would work, especially with the IRS at the helm.

Now, with what is being uncovered, exposed, and the way in which the IRS recently behaved, the Beamer program is certainly going o be further scrutinized and met with more resistance. It is sure to become further tainted and more unpopular than ever, not only by its original skeptics, but by new ones as well. The direct consequences of the actions and decisions taken and demonstrated by the IRS, we now know since at least 2010, are sure to become a huge, negative scar that Beamer will have to bare. Will Beamer survive intact? Will the IRS still be left at its helm?

These are questions still left unanswered and we have yet to see what the outcome will be. There has to be consequences to the wrongful, willful, and illegal actions of both hose who execute such deeds, as well as those who order them. 3. “We are working to get to the bottom of what happened at the IRS, hold the responsible parties accountable, make sure it cannot happen again, and restore public trust and confidence in the IRS and its ability to administer the tax code fairly and efficiently,” said White House spokeswoman Amy Brigandage. The bottom line here is that the IRS can barely manage what it already has to do, and that’s a generous characterization given the targeting of conservative groups,” said Seen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees the IRS. “Adding Beamer under the IRS, that can only be described as a looming disaster,” Hatch said. “And now the Democrats are saying we need to give the IRS more money. I’m not sure I’m willing to do that. In my opinion the way to fix and prevent a situation as detrimental as this one has proven to be, is complicated. Definitely a change in the tax laws, and structure of the current tax system has to be made. The current tax code and laws should be eliminated and a flat tax should be implemented instead. Politicians from all parties have long talked about simplifying the tax code. Perhaps the easiest solution as stated and presented by many economists, entrepreneurs, and politicians is to implement a flat tax across the board.


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