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The effects of an educator’s discipline method to student motivation are tedious in its own nature. The art of controlling a student’s damaging action in school property gives the teacher full responsibility to instruct what is suitable in a certain environment. Furthermore, the teacher possesses the authoritative hand inside the classroom that must be acknowledged by all students to achieve successful cooperation. Discipline methods promote the utilization of personal composure and restraint in autonomous situations.

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Discipline methods train children to opt excessively and logically that will be essential for further psychological development. Moreover, discipline creates a productive outlet for rational thinking. Thus, the discipline methods that parents incorporate in a child will greatly affect the child’s morale (Wilson, n. D. ). Definitely discipline methods play a vital role in molding proper values and decorum in children. These strategies will set a behavioral platform that children and students will be obliged to follow since encouraging positive undertakings will exude in their activities such as academics and other related sectors.

Discipline methods should be proposed to all institutions because it does not only endorse finesse in character but it also eradicates the false doings made by pupils. Teachers, on the other hand, must practice feasible discipline tactics that should strengthen the self-esteem of students and not deter from morality. They should instill fundamental scholarly lessons as well as important manners that will give students a head start on what to expect in life.

Teachers should be the role models of the academic society and not Machiavellian of the dynamic realm of education. Many would ask, what are the generic discipline methods teachers use inside the classroom and are they really effective to enhance the potential of a student? Some would agree that discipline methods truly are a godsend while others think otherwise. There are constructive and abusive discipline methods exercised in the vicinity of a school. To delve in deeper, here are some examples of constructive discipline methods (Davis, n. D. ): 1.

Positive Reinforcement Teachers should give compliments and should eulogies students who did their best in a specific activity. Also, teachers should give positive criticisms to direct students with what is accurate and erroneous. 2. Non-verbal Signs Various body gestures produce a reasonable attention getter to the students due to the fact that the main point of non-verbal gestures is to minimize noise and attract attention to the teacher. Here, the educator will not generate dispensable pandemonium and hence will catch the attention of the class right away.

With this, the teacher must clarify to the students what is the meaning and what is the purpose off particular non-verbal gesture. 3. Managing the environment Teachers in this matter must provide a healthy engaging milieu that will keep the students motivated to learn. The instructor must develop an environment that is he teacher’s expectations. Now here are some examples of derogatory discipline methods (Davis, n. D. ) : 1 . Comparing students in terms of academic standing and behavior 2. Employing physical manipulation 3.

Vilifying student’s behavior In every academic establishment there are regulatory tactics applied in class may it be a beneficial learning strategy or not. As seen above, there are practical and dogmatic disciplinary methods that should be carefully observed to see the maximum capability it can suffice for educational advancement. Tactics comparatively positive reinforcement, non-verbal signs and management of environment should be inculcated in every educator’s handbook because techniques like these are mutually accommodating and reliable in all aspects.

Techniques like positive reinforcement will motivate the students to alter their mistakes and will challenge them to perform better when the next opportunity arises. In addition, non- verbal signs transform into a creative avenue for teachers to stimulate the pupils’ senses that would make them aware in a unique way. Non-verbal signs permitted by the teacher gradually leads to management of one’s own environment due to the fact hat allocating a location where children can freely express themselves gives the teacher higher credibility because of the student’s societal contentment.

Ergo, derogatory disciplinary tactics should be completely avoided so that students will not encounter degrading circumstances that can substantially affect their personality and so that they will not face complications later on. Exercising physical exploitation, Comparing and slandering students’ disposition is not the way to deal with pedagogic stress because this is an attack against the personal facet of the pupil that has nothing to do with his or her educational attainment.


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