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Literary Characters – Compare and Contrast

As a parent, I always dream to be a good one, or at least my children to be satisfied with what their mom does for them. Reading the novels ”To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Girl in Translation”, I realized that there is so much more to learn as a parent. The two novels gave me a great source of questions in parenting to think about. That’s why I got most impressed bythe single parents in the novels.Atticus and respectively Ma are two characters with a lot in common,but they are also very different. Atticus Finch and Mrs.Chang didn’t have easy lives as single parents, but what is more important they both were strong enough to teach their children morally. Both parents had high requirements for an ethical behavior; moreover, honesty was their priority task in many aspects. In the beginning of the novel ”Girl in Translation” it’s obvious what an unscrupulous person is Ma’s sister, but that didn’t stop her to be thankful,kind, and polite to Aunt Paula for a very long time.(p10) ” But we must not be annoyed by small things. Everyone has their faults. Never forget, we owe Aunt Paula and Uncle Bob a great debt.” Ma and Kim repaid their debts to Aunt Paula with an interest, which I believe was a little bit too much. Ma’s modest Chinese culture and integrity were always leading through all kind of situations that they had in America. She couldn’t afford other people to do her favors; therefore, she always alarmed Kim that it’s important to pay back what she owes. (p73)”Kim, if you go too many times to her house,we will have to invite her back to ours one day and then what? Little heart’s stem, we already have too many debts we can’t repay”. Ma had a deeply built goodness;moreover, her mentality couldn’t allow her to behave otherwise. This is shown in (p88) “It’s not a question of what we can get away with,it’s a question of honor…We’re decent people, and we repay our debts”. Similar to her way of perception had Atticus. In ”To Kill a…

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