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Let It Snow Critical Reading In the short story Let It Snow by David Seeders a mother of five children becomes overwhelmed when her time away from her children becomes interrupted when an unusual snow fall hits and delays school for a few days. After kicking her children out in the snow the mother then relies on alcohol and watching television to help her deal with her internal conflict she has been faced with.

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The children decide to use Amy, the youngest child, to lie in the middle of the road to attract a motorist to their situation. Shortly after the motorist was informed what had been going on, the mother trotted through the snow toward the children and brought them back home safely. David Steadier’s use of tone is essential in making this story successful. The role of tone in this story causes the reader not to stop and think about the actual events that are taking place.

When stopping and thinking about the actual events, an alcoholic mother kicking her children out, a father who spends his time at work instead of at home with his family, kids who try to murder one of their siblings Just to get back into he house, and neighbors who witness the situation and seem to be okay with it. When stopping and taking the time to think about the actual events it becomes a pretty scary situation to be in.

Along with tone being essential in the story, the snow is important as well because it helps to distract the reader from what is actually going on. When I began reading this story, I was expecting a story about a funny childhood memory, or perhaps one of those strange occurrences in our daily lives about to be old to us through the prospective of a child, but this story caught me by surprise.

I think the author of the story was trying to tell a story about something that was sad, without actually coming out and writing a sad story. In my opinion, the ending of the story was the most meaningful part. In the ending of the story we are shown a heartbreaking situation of young children’s unconditional love for their mother, with their forgiveness and acceptance. I really enjoyed this story and how surprising and unusual it was.


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