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Lesson Plan for PPP lesson plan for teaching

Group activity with a ball in a circle. Teacher presents situation I. E ‘classroom’ and throws ball to a student. Student who receives ball states something they are allowed/ not allowed to do, ‘l can’t talk over the teacher’ Introduces concept of can/can’t giving student opportunity to use the term can/ can’t if they know it. This would be a controlled activity. For a lead in you need to create interest and set the scene. They won’t be able to go straight into an activity using the TTL until after o have taught it.

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Also this is the wrong use of the TTL – rules / permission. You must stick to abilities based on skills. Presentation: Introduce meaning & form on board. Students are recognizing meaning, usage. Present language through slideshows ‘Sam the dog’. Sam is shown on slide show I. E skiing, walking etc. Students answer if Sam can/can’t do each activity I. E Sam can’t ski, After the sentence is shown on slideshows, students repeat. Students can visually attach words to situations & repetition allows pronunciation & reactive.

Controlled: Introduce Emily Cam’s owner. Students asked to complete a written activity in pairs They answer true/false questions about things Emily & Sam can/can’t do. Feed back. Paperwork: complete a gap fill exercise, ‘Sam and Emily day’ with can/can’t. Teacher review students learning. Free Play true/false game. Sides of the classroom are true/false The teacher states different examples of what Sam can/can’t do. Students run to the correct side.


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