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Legend of the Earthquake

Once upon a time, it was a dark and ominous day and trouble was arising in the underworld. Shiva the goddess of death and destruction had finally finished her mighty plans to take back what was rightfully hers. Her plan was to swoop in from behind the city of peace , and raid the museum of everything sweet and sour and steel the orb of tranquility. Though to her surprise when she arose from the cavern of raw meat, Their awaited Johnny Mono Sony and Snoop Dog. The most fearsome warriors in the west. Beside them their mighty snow Orca army and earth warriors.

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The tension was tighter then the armor on a fat swamp monsters. Seconds later a fearsome battle arose. The sound of swords were like a million trains, battle cry the sound of a pack of hungry hyenas, and the the smell of metal, blood and sweat stretched all across the land. A ferocious rumble emerged from the the deep depths of the earth. Moments later as the earth cracked into two the same way thunders roles across the night sky on a stormy night. Everyone stopped, as a large figure arose from the mighty crack. I am Calculation, god of pain and suffering, who dare disturb e from my eternal slumber.

Not a single noise was made as every one stood in awe. Then a single mighty and courageous war cry emerged from one of the warriors, and the thunderous battle resumed. As so did Calculation. The battle continued for numerous hours. Though no one was any match for the mighty god, and as the battle was over, so were Shiva hefty plans to steel the orb of tranquility. Soon after Calculation returned to the depths of wait’s along with his new prisoner Shiva. the city of peace was also returned to its regular self and the peace was restored throughout the underworld.


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