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Leadership and Hard Work

A good leader must have determination, personality, trustworthiness and responsibility. In life we have teachers, parents, bosses, and political leaders that we depend on to guide us and be role models. What makes a leader is the perseverance to do whatever task they are given. If put in a difficult situation, they take charge and stay calm. A leader will work as hard as or harder than anyone else.

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He will strive for excellence and do anything he sets his mind to; because he knows nothing is better than the feeling of accomplishment. If a leader does wrong, he takes responsibility for his actions and the consequences that come with it. You are not a leader without followers. Leaders have an obligation to help others believe in themselves, being respectful and patient. Good leaders listen and never go back on their promises. A leader is someone who helps make a difference and is not afraid to stick up for his errs.

They put others before themselves, remembering there is no “l” in team. A leader has a positive influence on others. They raise the standards and exceed expectations, to be the best they can possibly be. Leaders must be bold. They must understand that it’s going to be hard work, but with hard work comes great rewards. Lastly, “if you inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. Leadership and Hard Work By McKenna 5


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