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Law and Order in Lord of the Flies

The most crucial thing required for a society to function well and be organized is law and order. If there are no laws, our true nature will come out and everything will change. In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, Golding shows us to what extent humans can go if there is nothing to control them and their prime goal is to survive. We need rules and regulations for our own safety, stability and protection. We need them to help us against law breakers and criminals who cause danger to people around them. The main purpose of the government is to ensure a safe and balanced well-being for its citizens. Without a government anyone would do anything and this would result in everything being uncivilized and unorganized. Our government unifies us, it keeps us stable by providing social order, security and various other public services. We usually take for granted and don’t realize the value of our constitution. The author shows us how important it is and what would happen if it didn’t exist at all. In his novel, Lord of the Flies, William Golding develops the idea that society without law and order is truly savage.

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A leader who can keep control and peace amongst everyone is present in each society. In the novel Lord of the Flies, Ralph is a character who represents civilization. He is elected and is like the chief of the society. He stresses on being organized and working hard by doing things like making laws, building shelters, having discussions, etc. His prime goal is to get rescued from the island and return to their civilization. He also identifies a conch which he discovers near the shore, “A stone.” “No. A shell.” (Pg.10).The conch is also a symbol of civilization. It is used for getting everyone together before a discussion or meeting. It also shows Ralph’s role as a chief as he is the only one who really values it. One of the initial rules made by Ralph is only the person holding the conch is allowed to speak. …


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