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Latest Technology in Automotive industry

Technology is widely increasing day by day wrought the world in each and every field like agriculture, weather, entertainment which includes TV, computers, Laptops etc. Technology has increased to a tremendous amount in the automotive industry since the last 10 years. New cars is been launched in the market each and every year and every time with some new features in it. Surfing on the internet I got to know the latest technology that Europe has introduced in the market called the ‘Electric Vehicle Religion’.

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MIDDLE: – The car was launched at the Geneva motor show in Switzerland. The car is given the name of 918 Spryer. It is an aggressive looking two seat convertible car that goes from 0-60 in 3. 1 seconds and hitting a top speed of 198 MPH. The most impressive thing that the car has is that, even being a sports car it gives and average mileage of 78 miles per gallon. This way a person can go really fast and it still would be socially acceptable.

Main Point 1: – The interesting point about the car is that the European automakers are using their resources very effectively and creating a technology of electric- powered vehicles which will be a great success for the automotive industry. Under he skin, the sports car featured a 500-horsepower V engine, mated to a 218- horsepower electric motor drawing power from a large lithium-ion battery pack. This system can be plugged into an everyday electric socket — or a high-speed charger making the car run on batteries alone, or can be switched to high performance mode using battery and gas power combined.

Looking at the technology, the Borsch has also started actively working on the 918 underlying technology. The Spryer itself is going into production in 2013 but the plug-in hybrid power train technology is all but retain to show up in some other Borsch model such as the classic 911 sports car. Until recently, European makers seemed oblivious of the push for electric propulsion but they aren’t walking away from the diesel car engines. They are still determined to find out a way to create a care with high mileage with a diesel engine.

Main Point 2: – Another technology in the automotive industry is that Ford and Microsoft Corp…. Have signed a deal to work together on a computerized link between houses, electric cars and utility companies to help manage energy use. The function of this system is, it eventually will lead to homeowners being able to use their cars to power home appliances and since batteries are capable to store electricity so people will actually be able to start moving the electricity around to where they really need it.

The companies are still working on how the system will start working automatically and start charging the car batteries, but this technology will help people and the Government in saving a lot of electricity cost and even their electricity production resources. Ford says this car battery system will be introduced in the car Ford Focus ailing an all-electric Transit Connect small commercial van this year. Its plans include offering a total of five new electric or gas-electric hybrid vehicles in North America and Europe by 2013.


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