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Last of the Mohicans and Mary Rowlandson


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The vast and untamed land that – for colonists – contained promise beyond belief was inhabited by Natives, who felt invaded and insulted by the strange people from foreign lands. There are two works created that explain some of the struggle of both the Native Indians who occupy this new land and the settlers who had invaded the land and occupied them to call their own. Yet where man is involved, there is always disagreement and war and so begins a comparison of the two stories. A Mohican father and son, along with an adopted white son – who are ask to join the British to fight the French in the French and Indian war. The other, a woman who was captured by American Indians, in 1675, separated from all she knew to live a life as a slave among her captives and yet survive an experience, the likes of which has never been told since. Each heartwarming, each story full of despair and doubt and both finding redemption from their struggles.


In an amazing and epic story, but the film The Last of the Mohicans and the person story by Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, are but a mere shadow of misfortunes that fully encompasses the human experience of which could not be imagined by fallible intellect. And yet both of these stories offer the viewer and the reader something to believe in and cherish forever. Although the time frame of each story differs, in that Mrs. Rowlandson experience occurs some eighty-two years earlier. The experience and dangers of being captured by your oppressor was still a great possibility during the French and Indian wars. In 1757, the Mohican Indians were nearly extinct, the only remaining blood tribesman were a father (Chingachgook) with his son (Uncas) and Chingachgook’s adopted white son Hawkeye. Not much is mentioned of their past, however, they were willing to sacrifice all they knew and had for the sake of impeding the French from gaining more territory by aiding the British and their allies. By …


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