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Language Issues and Ideologies

?Language ideology sometimes simply referred simply as linguistic ideology is a conception majorly applied in the field of cross-cultural studies, sociolinguistics and anthropology to typify any form of feelings. These feelings concerns language as applied under social phenomenon. When these language ideologies are explored and recognised, they expose various intersections between speaker’s beliefs on language and cultural and social systems under which these speakers are accustomed to. This is by for instance, showing how such beliefs are rooted and informed in these systems. By so doing, language or linguistic ideologies links both the explicit and the implicit assumptions of individuals regarding the general language or a particular language to their political, economic interest as well as the social experience. To this end, this essay endeavours to explore some of the issues of language in the linguistic literature such as the intersection between language and society, education, politics and socio-economic class as discussed below.

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Intersection between language and politics

Language politics has been defined by Linguistic Society of America (2007) as the way in which linguistic and language differences between different individuals is dealt within a political context. The manifestation of this can be in the form of treatment of language under official capacities and recognition by the government. Examples of this might include language recognition as the official language that make it a mandatory for all government official documents to be published in the generally accepted official language in a nation or region. These might include among other things, government gazette notices, as well as evidence law courts (Lado, 2009). In nations where the official language is more than one such as Belgium, political implications that give advantage to one particular group of speaker often takes place. Additionally, nations having one pa…


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