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Jeff: Wheel and Julia

Jeff October 30, 2013 Jeff couldn’t keep his eyes off of Julia. She was beautiful, astoundingly beautiful. Another day in English class, staring at the love of his life, never once saying a word, he was afraid of rejection afraid that if she said no he would never look at another woman the same, all he did was stare from across the room. She was 20 years old, petite, her slim five foot frame adorned with a light pink sundress that rested right above the knee, a ribbon in her hair to match. The scent of lavender never left her.

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He imagined running his fingers through the Hershey hocolate curls that spiraled down to her chin; touching her lips, two pink rose petals, resting, on a peaches and cr?©me complexion; good enough to eat. “It’s about time you talk to her”, said Darwin, “you know I hate rejection”, “Never know until you try’. Darwin was right! After all he was Jeffs friend, Jeffs only friend for that matter. He had been there the last few years when no one else was, giving him words of advice and encouraging him to do things. Darwin wasn’t like Jeff, he was a risk taker; a ladies man, everything Jeff wanted to be. Stop being a punk, talk to her after lass. ” Insecurities began seeping into his head, was he funny, attractive or smart enough to capture her attention? “Class dismissed” Jeff heard faintly, he was still caught off guard. The way the light from the class room window hit Julia’s honey brown eyes, made them sparkle, driving him wild. He was ready to talk to her. “Ju…. Jul” about to choke and in a moment of indecision, he remembered the words of Darwin “don’t be a punk” and finally mustered up the courage. He moved to the other side of the room where she was packing up the last of her things. “Hi my name is Jeff’.

Hi Jeff I am Julia”. His body stood frozen, her melodic voice sent chills down his spine and it took him a moment to adjust his thoughts. Julia analyzed his appearance. He smelled funny. A grey over-warn sweater embellished with three small holes and light blue denim Jeans hugged his gaunt figure. Two ripened black berries sitting above a slightly crooked nose; Just to the left a protruding mole the color of flesh swimming in between a sea of porcelain. His naturally pallid hollow cheeks grew colorless as he stood there, tugging on his nutmeg colored hair; Julia could sense his nervousness. ave peach cobbler and ice cream”.

She found him slightly odd, he smelled funny. Flattered by his admiration she accepted his invitation. Walking to the fair on cloud nine, Julia, Julia, Julia; was all he thought about. It was only 5:30, however he wanted to be at the fair early to make sure Julia was able to find him at 6pm on the dot. At the cross walk a middle-aged lady, with a purple hat and her cat stared at him. The cat was on a leash, a birthmark in the shape ofa mustache lay above its nose, clucking and meowing all the same time, it starred at Jeff. A dirty man in a wheel hair made his way to the cross walk, hurriedly rolling himself over left Jeffs foot.

He too looked at Jeff, hook on one hand, patch on one eye. They never spoke to Jeff, no one spoke to him, even his own teacher ignored him, and that’s how he liked it. He scowled at the lady with the purple hat, the clucking cat and the man in the wheel chair. He had no friends except for Darwin of course and the lovely Julia… Julia… sweet Julia. Sitting on the bench out side the main entrance of the fair he felt the two pills that lay in his back pocket, embedding into his frail bottom. He hated the pills. Everyday hey would stare at him. Beep! Beep! Beep!

Jeff slapped the snooze button. His feet touched the floor, the grey over-warn sweater embellished with three small holes and light blue denim Jeans had more wrinkles then the day before, this was his routine for the last 12 months and he hated it, brushing the wrinkles out of his clothing, he made his way to the closed blinds, opening them ever so slightly only enough to let a small sudden burst of light in the black painted room. No one was watching, but he checked everyday to make sure. The medicine bottle stared up at him from the nightstand; like a esperate puppy, he hated puppies.

Sitting next to the almost empty toothpaste, was the tooth- brush in its package. Washing his hands before touching his face, germs can seep into your face and kill you, he thought. Squirting some paste into his mouth, he stared at the mirror, made funny faces, and become extremely angry when the mirror made funny faces back. Jeff could hear the pots and pans banging in the kitchen, the aroma of bacon filled his nostrils. Leaving the rest rooms he could feel the medicine bottle staring, now crying like a wounded puppy. “Shut up! He ran to the bottle took two pills and placed them in his back pocket.

Immediately the medicine bottle was silenced. The smell of bacon filled his nostrils. Julia tapped him on the shoulder. His look was zoned out, almost in space. The sweet sound of her voice descended from above. “Jeff are you 0k? “. “Huh? , what? Oh yes Julia I am excellent. He quickly gathered his thoughts, “lets grab a bite to eat to start off. “Sure why not, she replied. “Darwin? What are you doing here? How did you know… ” “Hey buddy, I came to make sure you were good on your date, give you some pointers, Ill be here minding my usiness you Just go about yours, If I see you messing up we will hit the restroom and ill coach you! “Ice cream with a side of bacon, make the bacon extra crispy’ he ordered, “Anything for you Miss? ” asked the vendor, “Apple pie, vanilla ice cream on the side please. ” Julia still found him strange, he had a continuous way of fidgeting. He stared at Julia with penetrating eyes that chilled her soul. “Thank you” she said politely and pretended to read the menu. Jeff couldn’t keep his eyes off Julia. He looked at her lovingly. She chuckled, because this date was the weirdest of the bunch. A puddle of love goo was what he became when he saw her smile at him.

Darwin was now standing at the Ferris wheel, waving his hands to get Jeffs attention. “Bring her to the Ferris wheel ya big dufus! ” What was he doing? Thought Jeff, He keeps coming around every time I am around Julia, telling me what to do, say… do, I see him standing over there, looking at her, trying to embarrass me. He thought. “4 tokens please” They proceeded to get on the Ferris wheel. Darwin hurriedly entered the line and sat on the ride with them. Grinning from ear to ear, he sat there right in between Jeff and Julia. Furry began to show on Jeffs face, how could he do this to me?

He thought, coming here and ruining my first date with Julia, sitting in- between us during such a special time. He breathed heavily and counted to ten to keep from wringing Darwin’s neck. Darwin laughed and giggled the entire ride, swinging his feet and looking at Jeff and Julia. Not understanding why Jeff sat in the corner huffing and puffing like a mad bull. Julia ignored the fact and looked at the fantastic view of the fair. The sun had already set and the stars were coming out, the night was clear and the weather was perfect.

Irritated with the stunt Darwin pulled on the Ferris wheel Jeff decided it was time to lose him and win her heart over with a nice gift. “Throw your darts at the balloons and win a stuff animal for the lady, only 3 tokens! ” said the vendor. Jeff wants so badly to empress Julia. He pulls three tokens out of his pocket and hands them to the vendor and receives three darts in return. Strike the balloon Just once Jeff and you will put a smile on her face, he thought. Woosh, the more focus he threw the dart and again he missed. Third time is a charm, he thought. Wooosh! , POP!! Julia squealed. “Which gift would you like? “The big brown bear at the top, with the read shirt. ” Jeff had closed his eyes to throw the dart, in total faith that the dart would hit a balloon. Julia loved bears she held the bear tight, giving it a big hug. “Oh thank you! ” she said. Opening his eyes Jeff saw Julia, Enormous grin on her face, hugging and caressing Darwin? , Darwin!!! Jeff was now enraged his head was spinning. How could he?! My best friend! And how could she?! after all of this hard work go behind my back and trade me in for my best friend. Jeff stormed over to Julia. Without a word he punched Darwin in the face and it felt good! Who is the chump now? ” Jeff exclaimed. With the initial punch Jeff fell to the gravel floor and smiled when he caught a peek up Julia’s light blue dress. The now livid Jeff saw red, kicking, punching and screaming at Darwin. Julia was very afraid, something had gone terribly wrong with Jeff, she was hugging her sweet bear one moment and smack, he punched the bear out of her hands and began beating it like savage. I have to get out of here she thought, she started running toward the exit. In the middle of a serious fght Jeff noticed Julia had taken ff, he saw her running towards the exit. Julia wait! ” he exclaimed. Julia now terrified, heard him coming after her and ran faster. “Julia please wait, I can explain. ” When he saw that she wouldn’t slow down he ran faster, catching up to her he was able to grab her shoulders from behind and turn her around, he proceeded to give her a kiss. “Wake up Jeff, Wake up! ” he heard, light blue painted walls surrounded him, a straitjacket hugged his gaunt fgure. “you know how you get when you forget to take your medicine” said the nurse. She extended her hand towards Jeffs mouth, two white pills rest in her palm.


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