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JB HI FI Analysis

B HI-If is a well-known and successful cooperation that majors in house hold appliances, technological goods and the stock shares, the JOB HI-If Cooperation was established in 1974 by Mr.. John Barbour B), trading from a single store in East Killer, Victoria. Since then JOB HI-If was sold independently in 1983 from there on the business grew. In 1999 another nine stores were opened nationwide. Shortly thereafter In July 2000 JOB Hi-If was purchased yet again by private equity bankers and senior managements in the opinion of expanding the current growth.

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In October 2003, JOB HI-If was floated on the Australian Stock Exchange. By July 2004, JOB purchased the Queensland Clive Anthony chain of stores which specialist in consumer electronics, white goods, cooking appliances and air-conditioning systems this advance forward gave the JOB HI-If cooperation the reputation they have today. JOB stores offer the world’s leading brands of Hi-If, Speakers, Televisions, DVD’s, Vic’s, Cameras, Car Sound, Home Theatre, Computers and Portable Audio and continue to stock an exclusive range of specialist Hi-If products.

JOB Hi-If also offers the largest range of video games, recorded music, DVD music and DVD movies with ever 50,000 CDC and most major studio DVD releases, all at cheap prices! Customers are able to buy online from their huge range of CDC, DVD’s, and games This report will look at the accounting period of 2011/2010 and compare them with previous years of 2009/2008. We will also be looking at the same accounting period for the Harvey Norman group and compare the results with JOB HI-Fl.

The Board responsibilities include the corporate governance of the Company, overseeing the business and affairs of the Company, communicating with the Company’s shareholders and the immunity, evaluating the performance of executives, ensuring that appropriate procedures are in place so that Company is conducted in an honest, open and ethical manner and the establishment of a formal and transparent procedure for the selection, appointment and review of Board directors. The Chief Executive Officer, who is accountable to the Board, is responsible for managing, directing and promoting the profitable operation and development of JOB Hi-If.


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