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It feels like Im melting into the floor as I allow myself to stop running and very hastily drop my enormous duffel bag down. This is the first time I really get a good concentrated look around the room. It is almost blindingly bright from the glow of the florescent light and everything in the room is a bleached out color. The middle of the room is completely empty. The two side walls are filled with rows of bunk beds and tall off white wall lockers. The drill sergeants start to bark orders at us once again.

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Dump out your duffel bags on the floor and put everything in order, Now! ” We all methodically and very precisely begin to set out all of our personal belongings. Going through our bags takes us well into the night. Now that everything is shoved back into our bags, we stand back up in the rows we were first in. There is no movement or sound from any of us except the faint hum of everyone’s stilled breathing. What could possibly be next? As the drill sergeants pace back and forth, they order all of the male soldiers to form a single rank and arch outside to another building.

All of the females are left waiting patiently for orders. To our surprise we are finally going to get assigned our bunks, wall lockers but most importantly our battle buddies. The bunk beds are Just 4 metal bars holding up sad looking foam mattresses. The blankets are the green rough itchy kind that everyone hates. The pillows are barely held together in a tan pillow case , although I don’t know if they started off that color. But because I was so worn out and tired It coked like the most comfortable place I would ever lay my head. How have I made it through today? ” As Im laying on the bottom bunk with my new battle buddy directly over me , I can’t help but wonder what the days ahead will hold. So many different thoughts are running through my mind. Am I strong enough mentally or physically to succeed . I am so scared but at the same time curious for the next day to begin. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am going to make the best of it. “Are you awake? The voice from the top bunk quietly sakes.

Hesitantly I reply ” Yea, Im here. ” There was a long silence, almost long enough for me to think I had made up the short conversation. I was staring at the springs and bars above my head trying to force sleep . Then I hear the same soft voice saying the thing I needed most. ” This may feel like hell, but now we have each other. ” All the thoughts and worries that were running through my head disappear. I know I can make it through this suspiring place Its over By cosmos_09


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