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Individual attacks

Individual attacks. In my opinion threats can be divided in 2 groups:expected and unexpected. The expected threats are the ones that we are aware of and somehow try to stay protected from them. Let can be either threat of war or social and environmental threats. And the other is unexpected,which is attack by the representative of some terrorist organization or Just by psychologically damaged person. The reason why I brought up this idea is that I am really concerned about the attacks by psychologically damaged persons which end with death of several number of people depending on the case.

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This can be people who were Just inside their daily routine or going to cinema. This kind of threat is unexpected because as we can follow from the latest cases (for example bombing of government buildings in Oslo end with killing of 8 people and killing of 69 students in youth camp by Enders Freebie) even in the countries where one thinks that he is quite in safe one can be attacked or killed. Noticed that this issue was especially pointedly felt in the US.

After a several attacks by different persons that ended with death of tens of people the president suggested to tighten the gun law in order to prevent this and to protect people. Obama suggested to conduct a law that will forbid to sell guns without checking their psychological state. Despite of everything that happened this law did not pass in The thing is that ideally states are concerned about personal security congress. Of each individual. Therefore it can’t be said that this kind of attacks is fully unexpected.

However as we see in reality most of the governments improve security measures only after the attacks. This is very sad because someone had to pay the price in order to remind the governments of possible threat. The solutions can be that every city should have its own proper-working security branch or organization together with effective working police. And there should be individual alertness and cooperation. But in many cases unfortunately it is hard to prevent this kind of things,however hopefully a well-settled system can tackle with this issue.


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