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Indian Cultural – Beliefs Amd Superstitions

Beliefs and Superstitions The Indian beliefs and superstitions are passed down from beginning of their first generation to now generation. They believe that the rules and guild lines are important to protect them from the evil spirits. [1] Every day living is also regulated by do’s and don’ts for differently for different days in a week. For instance, Monday isn’t a lucky day for trimming and shaving or Tuesday for rinsing hair or Saturday for purchasing oil and beauty products. Many individuals are also very superstitious about the start of their mornings.

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It is considered that the whole day is impacted by the morning. Some of the Indian beliefs and superstitions is viewing a cat or the face of a cow early in the morning brings them bad luck. A dog howling nearby a sick person’s room predicts his death or poor fate. The falling down of a lizard on a person is considered extremely bad and harmful unlucky for the person on which it falls. And further ill predictions are made based on the part of the body on which the lizard falls. Beside that, nails should not be cut at night for fear of evil spirits.

The good superstitions are viewing a bride, the memorial of a god, or a Brahmin is believed to be prosperous, while seeing widow woman, infertile women and unfortunate people is believed to be ominous. The sound of a crow near the surroundings or on somebody’s home predicts the coming of guests. Whenever an individual hiccups, it’s believed that somebody is discussing or thinking about him or missing him. Beside that, they also believe that trying lemon along with chillies on anything can saves it from threats and evil eyes of bad people.

To avoid the danger of witnessing any bad thing in the morning, a lot of individuals see the palms of their hands just after they wake up in the morning and then they recite this spell: “In the crest of the fingers lives Lakshmi (the Hindu goddess of wealth) ; in the center lies Sarasvati (the Hindu goddess of Knowledge); in the bottom of the palm rests Govinda (Hindu god of prosperity); viewing my hands, I start my day. ” [2] ———————– [1] http://hubpages. com/hub/India-Beliefs-and-Superstitions , 25 February 2011. [2] http://www. gurjari. net/ico/Mystica/html/popular_superstitions. htm , 25 February 2011.


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