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Worst Nightmare Dreams seem so real sometimes that you will wake up out of your sleep Just to make sure they aren’t real. Nightmares are the ones that really make you do it though. They are so scary. You can have a nightmare about a monster, someone dying, or maybe even somebody breaking into your house. I have had plenty of nightmares, but there is one that I really want to talk about. My all-time worst nightmare was my whole family dying. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened. Luckily it was Just a dream though.

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One night I was sleeping and I started to dream that me and my whole were going on a vacation in an airplane. I don’t even know where we were going. We were flying on a private plan so we were all playing board games and Just laugh and having a good time. It was one of the best times because for the first time since I was little my WHOLE family was together. My family and I were so anxious to get where we were going. We were flying over the ocean and the plane started to rock. The pilot came on the loud speaker and said he was having technical difficulties, but everything would be okay.

My family tried no to panic, but nobody likes to hear that Then the oxygen masks fell and the pilot asked us to place them on our faces. Everyone was panicking and I started to cry because I don’t like scary situations. My mom and Dad were trying to comfort me but it wasn’t working. All of a sudden the plane started rapidly going down. Then BOOM, we crashed! We crashed in to the water. All I remember is being the only one alive and the plane was in pieces. My family member were all dead, every single one of them, I was freaking out.

I didn’t know what to do. I was in the middle of the ocean with no way to call anyone, no boats around, no food or anything to drink, and I had no life Jacket all I could do was hold on to a piece of the plane. At that point, I woke up because it seemed so real. That was the worst nightmare Vive ever had because my family means the world to me. I can’t lose them all at once. I’m so glad it was Just a nightmare because I would be lost without my family. Nightmares are so scary. I never want to have another one. I love you By evocable 234


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