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Huntsville Plant Project Charter

Project Name| Huntsville Plant Project| Project Number| 005| Project Manager| David Myers| Prioritization| High| Owner(s)| Walter Seitz| Start Date:| April 17, 2011| Scheduled Completion Date:| June 30, 2012| Mission| The construction of a new Seitz plant in Huntsville, AL that will be operational by June 30, 2012. | | Scope| 1) Select resources such as architect, real estate consultant and general contractor. ) Recruit and train managers for the new plant 3) Create pre-production and production plans 4) Create building concept and design 5) Procure building site, all required permits and approvals 6) Construct building 7) Landscaping of site 8) Operations personnel recruitment 9) Equipment , materials and fleet purchases 10) Equipment installation 11) Create product distribution and pre-production plans 12) Begin production and distribution| | Objectives| 1) To construct a new plant in Huntsville, Alabama that will be fully operational by June 30, 2012. ) To hire and train qualified management and operations personnel. 3) To procure all new equipment for production. 4) To procure a full fleet of trucks for distribution. | | Assumptions| 1. The labor market in Huntsville, AL is sufficient to meet the requirements of the new plant 2. Acquiring suitable land and obtaining permits will not face any unusual legal requirements. | | Constraints| Construction, staffing, equipment and materials will all be funded from the $2,750,000 allocated for the project. | |

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Time/Decision Points| 1) Start Date: April 17, 2011 2) Architectural Drawings Complete: May 15, 2011 3) Land purchased and permits obtained: June 01, 2011 4) Construction begins: July 01, 2011 5) Building construction complete: January 15, 2012 6) Equipment purchase and installation complete: February 15, 2012 7) Personnel hiring and training complete: March 31, 2012 8) Equipment tests complete: April 15, 2012 9) Facility begins operation May 15, 2012| | Cost/Financial Assumptions| 1) We assume the total cost of construction and beginning operation to be no more than $2,750,000| |

User Acceptance Criteria/Quality| 1) All products will meet quality standards of the Seitz coporation| | Major Risks| 1) Financial risk due to possibility of construction and staffing cost over runs. | | KEY STAKEHOLDERS| | Name| Project Core Team:| Steve PokorskiJoe DownsRhonda SmithMary Doonan | Subject Matter Experts (SME) (Include company & channel designations if applicable)| | APPROVALS| Type Name| Signature| Date| Project Manager Approval:| David Myers| February 1, 2010| Owner/Sponsor Approval:| Walter Seitz| February 1, 2010|


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