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After discussing with mothers the reasons for their leaving Intel, we decided to offer mothers the opportunity to return o work gradually, rather than all at once. The Gradual Return from MOLL program allows mothers in the first year after giving birth to work part time. For the first three months after their maternity leave ends, mothers can work a 25%-time position and then for the next six months they can work at 50% of full time.

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Only at the end of one year do the mothers have to return to full time work. 2. Diversity & non- discrimination -Intel respects values and welcomes diversity in its workforce. -Provides equal employment opportunities regardless race, community, color, age, disability, marital status etc. This applies to all areas of employment. 3. Harassment prohibition -Intel is committed to provide an harassment-free workplace. -harassment in any contexts ii; sexual, gender, age, religion etc. 4.


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