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How to Make Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People My favorite part of the first chapter however, would have to be about how protection and the feeling of being needed was one of a person’s main goals in life. I believe that statement to be true as well, I see that situation in my own life. If I did not feel appreciated at my school or in my own family, I don’t think I would be as happy of a person as I am today. People need that love and acknowledgment in life. If there wasn’t any of that, what would be the point in waking up everyday to a world that didn’t know you even existed.

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You might as well be the last person left on earth, because that’s what they feel like anyway. There was a situation in Carnegie book about an insane woman that caught my attention. The woman’s physician described her story about how her husband didn’t appreciate her, or even love her for that fact. He wouldn’t allow her to have children either. This woman eventually became what we know as “insane. ” She was asked how she was every night and stated that she had a new child (every night), and that she was married into English royalty.

The physician gave this statement, “If I could reach out and make her sane again, I loudest. She’s much happier as she is. ” I loved this statement. It says to me that happiness is extremely important, no matter how you get there. Wanting that appreciation and love, can make a person “insane” if they don’t have it. But, why is that person considered “insane”? Maybe they are the sane one’s who realize that we need this to go through life, that woman knew that, so she found a way to feel appreciated. An important factor that I learned is to not criticize people, condemn or complain.

Many people do such things and wonder why they don’t appeal to their friends. People will notice when being honest and showing sincere appreciation. This tells the other person that you’re not inconsiderate. Eve learned how to get other to like me. Becoming genuinely interested in other people is one of them. Smiling is an important key to getting people to like you, as well as laughing. Forgetting a person’s name can be hurtful, so it’s important to remember their name. Both men and women enjoy it when you listen to their problems. As a friend, one should always have a good ear for listening to other people’s problem.

When deciding where to eat, or example, always be considerate of the other person’s interest. Make that person feel important and significant. Another aspect of getting people to like you is by winning arguments. Not by screaming but by avoiding them. The best way to win an argument is to avoid it. Always show respect for the other person’s opinions and never tell them that they’re wrong. If getting into a disagreement, always begin friendly. It’s always best to let the other person to a great deal of talking, and to look at the other person’s point of view.

It’s best to appeal to your more nobler motives ether than coming up with knucklehead ideas. If presented, never accept a challenge. This will often lead to arguments and disagreements. Way to be a manager is to be honest and show appreciation. When being a manager of a store, Best Buy for example, it’s best to call a person’s mistake indirectly. Never yell or condemn a worker for making a mistake, nobody’s perfect. Criticize your own mistakes before indemnifying someone else’s. Always praise someone’s improvement because it will encourage them to continue and it will remind them that they’re work is appreciated.


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