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How to Drive a Manual Transmission

How to Drive a Manual Transmission BY IMBUddY8 Topic: How to drive a car with a manual transmission General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience should be able to attempt to learn to drive a standard and build their skills enough to be confident in driving one daily. Central Idea: Knowing the basics of manual transmission operation, also reasons and benefits to driving one. Introduction: Most of us drive around big heavy cars that seat five when we rarely have more than two. In the United States we are lazy. % Of Vehicles made in 1999 were automatics and 91% by 2004. In Europe 80-90% of their cars are standards. I hope to get everyone considering driving them so I’m going to talk to you about why we should all know how to drive a standard, the basics of driving a standard, and what the benefits of driving one are. Main Points: 1. Why we should all Know how to Drive a Standard 2. Basics of Driving a Standard 3. Benefits of Driving a Standard l. Why we should all know how to drive a standard. A. If your car is blocked by someone in the family with a standard.

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B. If your a passenger and the driver is feeling too ill or tired to drive. C. If you go out of the country and get a rental. D. You might grow to enjoy driving much more than usual. E. If you ever want to ride a motorcycle you will learn much faster. F. In an emergency it may be necessary. II. Basics of Driving a Standard A. Learn how to start it safely Video 1 B. Learn where the gears are including reverse (Some are weird) Video 2 C. Get car rolling with no gas Just clutch Video 3 D. Smoothly use a little gas to get into first Video 4 E.

Drive around in first starting and stopping making sure to push in clutch Video 5 F. Learn to sni tt to 2nd by doing opposites witn gas and clutch Vi H. Learn all the gears up and down and appropriate RPM for speeds Video 7 I. Practice downshifting with rev matching Video 8 What are the benefits? Ill. A. Enjoyment B. Maintenance C. Better For Environment D. Gas Mileage 1-2 Better City 4-6 Better Highway (5-10%) E. 236Millton cars 21 mpg Average Car 15k miles a year 68 Gallons Per year if you get 1 mpg more 16 Billion 48 Million Gallons of Gas per year could be saved

Conclusion: So I’ve told you all about why we should drive them, and the benefits. I’ve also gave you the most basic instructions for you to try and learn yourself. I know anyone is able to learn and if you actually try and stick to it for a little bit you will learn and do a lot better than you expect. After you get used to using your left foot it’s Just another pedal that comes naturally after a while you will not think of it. If you get yourself familiar and comfortable driving one someday it might save you or someone else in an emergency.


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