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How the Giraffe got his long neck

A long time ago before giraffes had long necks they were mid -sized animals with Hoover feet and strongly built bodies. People are always curious to know how giraffes got such a long neck and I know of a tale that will tell what happened. One day a giraffe named George was walking along when he smelled his favorite food the Acacia, only he couldn’t see it. George looked and looked until he noticed there was a fence blocking his way from finding his food. The fence was too tall for the then shorter giraffe to look over so, he stuck his head in a hole of the fence and ere enough there was the Acacia!

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George went to pull his head of out the fence to find a way around it, but he couldn’t get his head out. He was stuck! George called for help, but no one could hear him. He pulled and pulled and cried and cried, but to no avail. Fortunately for George his giraffe friends also smelled the favored food and came looking for it only to find George with his head stuck in the fence. His friends tried to help him get unstuck, but they weren’t having any luck. The giraffe’s tried to think of a way to help their friend when they decided they would each take nee of his legs and pull him out.

The giraffes pulled and pulled until finally, pop! George was free, only his friends were laughing instead of cheering. What was so funny? The giraffes took their friend to the watering hole where he could see his reflection. What happened?!? George’s neck was VERY long now and so were his legs from his friends pulling on them. George was stunned, what will he do now? As he raised his head to look at his friends his gaze traveled up past them and landed on some tasty looking vegetation high in a tree.

Without any thought George walked over to the tree and started munching. His friends were now envious of the little effort it took for George to get food. They all want long necks and legs now! This is the story of how giraffes got their long neck. Due to the fact that the giraffes already had a strongly built body they adapted well to their abnormally long legs and neck, however due to the way that the giraffes came about getting there long necks they are still afraid to keep their heads down for too long! How the Giraffe got his long neck By stub_ninja


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