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How Marilyn Manson Inspires me

Form Early or Final Outline? I Bottom of Form Name: Commode, Sec. #: Date: Grade: / 50 Audience Analysis: Answer in complete sentences and use examples from your audience analysis questions. A. How much does your audience already know about your topic and how will you design your speech regarding their level of knowledge? The audience probably only knows about Marilyn Manson from the media and or the few songs they’ve heard of his on the radio. They most likely know that he is a controversial individual.

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I won’t go too deeply into his life, but rather Just describe the acacias of what he is about and why he is inspiring. B. How much interest did the audience have in your topic? How will you make the topic interesting to them? I detected some interest; mostly about what I am giving my speech on because I didn’t make it obvious in my poll. Some people might find talking about this controversial person interesting. C. What is your audience’s attitude regarding your topic? How will you address that attitude in your speech?

The general audience’s attitude is mixed. Almost no one is offended by the gothic subculture, but almost everyone thinks that it is more important to be a good role del than artistically express yourself. It will be tricky, but I’ll avoid mentioning some offensive things Manson has done. D. How will the audience demographics impact the development of your speech? Age affects the delivery because older people generally have less information or are not as caring about popular music culture as opposed to younger people.

Teenagers are usually the most drawn toward the rebellious image of Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson generally has a following of Caucasians when it comes to ethnicity. Usually people in the middle-class, suburban area of wealth follow Manson. Title: My Man, Marilyn Manson General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, my audience will understand what an inspiring individual Marilyn Manson is to me and even be inspired themselves by him. Introduction A. Attention: How can someone who is 44 and middle-aged be a menace to the United States?

Probably because he is known as a Satan-worshipper, malpractice’s, and a bisexual corrupter of the youth. This 44 year old, middle aged man is Marilyn Manson. B. Give Audience Incentive to Listen: Marilyn Manson does have a bad reputation, but the lyrics of his music and his ideas have much more of a stand than what the Edie says about him (majority believe media does not portray individuals correctly). C. Establish Credibility: The first time I ever heard his music, I was immediately hooked.

Most people don’t like him, thought I would give him a try D. Preview of Speech 1. State Central Idea: Although he’s known as a he-devil, Marilyn Manson is one of my greatest inspirations as his music drives me to be artistically creative, that I don’t have to follow any crowd, and he makes me want to react or rebel to something/ anything. 2. Preview Main Points: Today I will cover… L. Marilyn Mason’s amazing music inspires me to draw some of my best artwork II. Marilyn Manson inspires me to follow my own path rather than follow someone else’s Ill.

His rebellious image makes me want to rebel or react in some or any way Transition to #1: Before I rebel all over, let me tell you about his music. Speech Body l. Marilyn makes music that sounds really freaking awesome to me. A. Covers, 10 albums, many songs and albums reached top of the charts (reference Religionists) B. Artistic inspiration (majority are artistically inspired by music) C. Best Artwork one of the most interesting things about him. II. Physical image A. Pressure from the media (clothes, makeup) (reference Guardian) B. PEDESTAL Columbine High School Massacre (reference Rolling Stones) C. 999 Columbine High School Massacre (reference Rolling Stones) Transition to #111: Along with Just his physical image, the rebellious image he portrays is also inspiring. Ill. A desire to rebel A. Rebels against religion: rips Mormon bible in half -born in a religious household B. C. No other musician inspires me to do this Signal End: Under all the makeup there’s an inspiring human being there. Conclusion A. Restate Central Idea and Summarize Main Points: Marilyn Manson has always men one of my favorite musicians and inspirations in life.

His music has shaped my art. His makeup and personality showed me that I shouldn’t care what people think so much about me. He sparked a rebellious reaction in me that I had never had before listening to any music. B. Clincher: “In the end we’re all Jerry Springer Show guests, really, we Just haven’t been on the show. ” Works Cited (List at least two scholarly sources in ML format. ) Vernon, Poly. “The Life and Loves off He-Devil. ” The Guardian. The Guardian, 12 May 2007. Web. 17 swept. 2013. Web. 17 swept. 2013.


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