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Homework: Supply Chain Management

Homework: Supply Chain Management BY ZYDI 23 Homework 4: 1 . Calculate the perfect order fulfillment rate for the following company data: a. Right quantity: 92% b. Right item: 98% c. Right invoice/billing: 95% d. Right Condition: 94% e. Right Customer: 99% f. Right Time: 92% g. Right color: 91% 2. Compare the concept if a modern supply chain with more traditional distribution channels. Be specific regarding similarities and differences.

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Traditional distribution hannels are not integrated and exist in stove pipe functional area. The supply chain integrated all of the functions of transportation, logistics, distribution, warehousing, and sourcing into one centrally managed operation. Both the supply chain and traditional distribution channels involve the movement of products. 3. What specific role does logistics play in supply chain operations? Customer services, movement of goods and materials within the supply chain 4.

Discuss the rationale and challenges related to sourcing from low-cost countries. Distributions of supply chain, increase the transportation costs, quality management 5. Describe the supply chain necessary for a tailgate for 20 friends before a big game. As long as the supply covers the tailgate and sourcing and burgers 6. Are supply chain and logistics interchangeable terms? Explain. No, the logistics is a sub set of the supply chain 7. Are warehouses and distribution centers the same? Explain. No. rehouses are for the longer period, and distribution centers focus on getting products in and getting products out. They have the same functions. 8. The TLW Company is looking at developing a new surf board. The CEO wants to know the break-even point for the new board given the following data: fixed costs = $1 55,000; variable costs per board $115 and the proposed sales price for the board according to marketing will be $575. Calculate the break-even point for this product. BE=fixed cost/(sales- variable


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